Friday, October 1, 2010


The dogs had an exciting day. Snakes come up from the creek on a semi-regular basis. Freaks me out of course. I'm not into snakes at all, in fact you could say I hate them. In the spring and summer they infest our creek and the surrounding area. They slither up the trees and hang there. Ocasionally drop unexpectedly right beside you while your clearing out the underbrush. Which is a definite ocasion for screams all around : ) .
The dogs nipped at this one until the killed it, then played tug-of-war three way with it. It was funny to watch after all the panicing was done with. To be fair though I do sometimes rescue the bigger snakes (so they wont eat my smaller dog) by curling the snake around a rakes tines and throwing it back into the creek.

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