Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Garden Time

I have been trying to get motivated lately to get up and get moving. First (as we all can feel when we go outside) there's been a turn in the weather. Spring is coming and my brain has plans. "I have to get out there soon" is what i've been saying to myself for a couple weeks and finally I did. Saturday was beautiful! It felt good to be in the garden with "Midget". We had covered the garden with all the fallen leaves last year so our first step was to clear that away. Then we weeded, me with my trendy tool ( 4 spikes, a long pipe and handle bars on top) and her with her hands. Who got the raw end of that deal? Nobody! I enjoyed it to much to complain and I didn't even feel the real effort....until Sunday morning. When I finished my part the both of us sat around the garden and pulled the loosened weeds. We chatted about nothing but I gotta say I have never had such a good time just being with my baby. I also need to get moving to save my health. I'm not proud of what i've become so I usually just try to pretend I don't notice but that's not how I want to live my life. I do feed "Midget" healthy food and I keep fruit and veggies around, I just don't eat them. So first step get moving! Next step, fruit.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Once Upon A Time...

There was a woman who thought she had the "balls" to take an ice cold shower at 5:30 in the morning. She was right! But only just :) . I gotta tell you this next bit is a little embarrasing. I tried hard to get in there and get out fast but not only do I like to get clean when I bathe but I also have hair that is about as long as a 7 year old girl. Having such hair lying down my back while cold water ran down it was torture! I couldn't do it! I decided to bend over and wash my hair upside down and so when "Midget" had to pee I was caught with my butt sticking out (so as to get it as far away from the cold water as possible of course). Extremely funny to her much more embarrasing to me. The story had to be relayed to the other members of our close family. I have to admit that just then I wished 7 yr olds knew how to keep secrets! Now though, that the water heater is fixed I can see the humor a little. I never did get up the nerve for another shower but I did haul a lot of boiling water from the stove to the tub. Just another way to see the laughter in your own faults.

Friday, February 18, 2011

A Little Bit Nuts

Have you heard that the term "Urban Homestead" is no longer to be used by us people of the REAL world. Someone has basically bought it or the right to it anyway. I mean really! Along with a few changes like "ing" on the end and such we are not supposed to use this phrase. It's completely insane. I have decided to have nothing to do with these people or there books! I will not name them outright because I don't want attacked for slander but I am sure that with a little research on your part it wont be too hard to find them yourself. Enough is never enough for these people. Next we wont be able to write "Urban Homestead" in our letters or e-mails to friends and family! Not to mention that if it goes unrebuked all the other Greedy people will begin to "buy" other phrases and sayings and then our posts and letters will look something like this...Dear so-and-so, Hi. Bye. Love, me. Pitiful isn't it! (I think there was a little bitterness in this post but I am not sorry for it . Yet.)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mixed News

So the week started out with me hurting myself. I really can't explain it any other way. I went outside and fed the hens and "Midgets" rabbit and everything was good it was a lovely sunrise and not even too cold. I came inside and bent down (from the waist) to zip her coat up and then IT happened. I couldn't stand up or move at all for a few moments. I'm only 26 I don't have time to throw my back out! I kept thinking, i'm not old enough for this! For the next few days I could hardly walk or sit, but everybody knows all life does not just stop at these times so I had to try to get around anyway. I was so glad for nightfall and pain meds. Then when I was better and life was good again and I thought "All Right, this is more like it!". It was good too all the decorating and fun of Valentines' Day and smiles and energy. Now of course more bad news comes :) . The water heater is dead! Guess who's in for a cold shower in the morning. We got well water and it is Cold! New water heater? $400-500.00 Not gonna happen this week! Boiling water isn't so hard so i'm not so put out but you just don't realize how many things you hot water for until it's gone. At least we still have water, nice cold clean water. Lots to still be grateful for and I hope I never forget it again.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Yay Me!

My team won the Superbowl! I cannot tell you how much fun we had shouting and cheering our teams on. Even better was the cat calling and general rubbing of the nose into it at the end. Lots of good bad for us food, family visiting and relaxing went on. I must say that even though we all felt icky in the belly from too much junk we still felt way more laid back after our day of fun. Even "Midget" stayed awake until the end of the post game and goodbyes. Usually she is out by 8:30pm.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Ok, I know everyone is posting about the game tomorrow but I think these traditions are important. Especially for our kids. Our tradition is that we invite the immediate family over (brothers, sisters, mom, dad) and we ask dad who he is going to root for. Then we split and cheer against his team. Mostly to make it fun for him and so if his team wins he can crow to someone. The real kicker is that we never know who we're going to be rooting for because we never watch any other game! It's just this game each year. We don't know anything about any of the teams or players, most of us womenfolk don't even know anything at all about football. It's all about the cheering and shouting and family and food. Kinda like Thanksgiving all over again but without the pretty manners and add in a whole lot more heckling. Have a great time! We sure will.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

In the mood

Lately I have found myself reluctant to venture into the cold outside if I do not have to. Anyone who has spent too much time indoors can probably tell you Clostrophobia is real even in tiny degrees. No matter where I look I see stuff. I have begun to sort through all my things and decide what can stay and what must go. It feels like torture sometimes to throw out the artwork and little presents my kid has made and given to me over the last year or two. Really though how many paintings can the house handle. I have made sure that "Midget" is not here to see any of the things I decided to let go. I have already kept a 3" binder for each school year so far starting in pre-k. It's not just "Midgets" stuff I'm going through either. Books, dishes, extra electronics, clothes, games, puzzles and tons more! Probably going to be making a stop at the church and the goodwill later this month. It does take some time to whip everything into shape after all.