Friday, February 18, 2011

A Little Bit Nuts

Have you heard that the term "Urban Homestead" is no longer to be used by us people of the REAL world. Someone has basically bought it or the right to it anyway. I mean really! Along with a few changes like "ing" on the end and such we are not supposed to use this phrase. It's completely insane. I have decided to have nothing to do with these people or there books! I will not name them outright because I don't want attacked for slander but I am sure that with a little research on your part it wont be too hard to find them yourself. Enough is never enough for these people. Next we wont be able to write "Urban Homestead" in our letters or e-mails to friends and family! Not to mention that if it goes unrebuked all the other Greedy people will begin to "buy" other phrases and sayings and then our posts and letters will look something like this...Dear so-and-so, Hi. Bye. Love, me. Pitiful isn't it! (I think there was a little bitterness in this post but I am not sorry for it . Yet.)

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