Saturday, February 5, 2011


Ok, I know everyone is posting about the game tomorrow but I think these traditions are important. Especially for our kids. Our tradition is that we invite the immediate family over (brothers, sisters, mom, dad) and we ask dad who he is going to root for. Then we split and cheer against his team. Mostly to make it fun for him and so if his team wins he can crow to someone. The real kicker is that we never know who we're going to be rooting for because we never watch any other game! It's just this game each year. We don't know anything about any of the teams or players, most of us womenfolk don't even know anything at all about football. It's all about the cheering and shouting and family and food. Kinda like Thanksgiving all over again but without the pretty manners and add in a whole lot more heckling. Have a great time! We sure will.

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