Saturday, August 27, 2011

YOP Sunday Edition #8

AKA...2 months is up? OMG, I cannot believe it's been 2 months! I feel like I've been crafting like crazy but at the same time I feel like I haven't done anything. Weird huh? Though I suspect I'm not alone in that feeling. Here's what I've been up to this week.
 I've started a new project! An actual Pair of socks. I've only ever made a Single sock and soon found I was a sufferer or that greaded Second Sock Syndrome :). Never tried it again after that. I gotta say that I love having 2 sock on at once. I'm using bamboo needles for these because it's all I could get quickly but I do not like them much. The cable is so flimsey that it twists on itself and kinks up on me and there is a ridge where the cable attaches to the neelde that always tries to keep a stitch so that I have to fight to get the sts on the needle. If I had any other 40" #3's I would definately be using I ordered a nickle plated one from the only LYS within 45 min. of me. I'm so excited to have a real reason to go there instead of just browsing without purpose.

I finished the Mango Scarf. 1 skein of Caron Simply Soft made a 6' long 5" wide scarf and I enjoyed making it so much (unexpected)* that I intend to make a set for my Mother instead of just a scarf.

*unexpected because Caron seems to split and be horrible to work with when knitting. So I decided to try crocheting with it but.....I hated it too. Then I got out another hook and loved how it worked, so much faster and no more splitting! I used a Susan Bates, with the flattish head instead of my others. I cannot believe how much difference that made. I don't know how many people dislike Caron for it's splittiness but this was the answer to my wishes because I love all the Carom colors and how it feels in my hands but could never use what I'd bought. It just shows that if you like something enough there has to be something you can do to make it work.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

YOP Update #7

I finally figured out how to add a Gadget on here but I still didn't know where the buttons/graphics were for our little Year of Projects venture. Every time I would go to one of your sites there they would be. Well Ha! I found it. Lol. There was even one in there that was perfect for this page. My thanks to those who designed it. Now on to the update...

I've been working on a few new things this week. Some of them non yop related but seeing as it is in this year and a project I figure they can sneak in if they want. First a new scarf that will be a December birthday present. A couple Mystery projects, though I think I can figure out one of them. My Cornfield Summer Top is comming along nicely (with all the encouragement from you guys) I could do no less. Someone in the family is pregnant! So I guess I know who will be getting the Baby package. Oh, and I've been working on my granny squares. All I had of either color is 1 ball of S&C cotton so I know that whatever I make will not be very large. Anyway...Here's some pictures from this week and beyond.

 New Scarf in Mango from Caron Simply Soft

 This mystery is probably a washcloth though I think I'll use it as a hotpad.

 This one is strange and a true mystery. Looks funny lying that way I know but upright it was positively lewd. I just couldn't post it that way

 Not a very good pic and the color is way off but I finished another round of the Cornfield pattern. I think to get the length I want I may have to add another round because right now it is only 5" and I don't know what blocking will do to it.

 Here are my Granny Squares. The first thing I ever learned how to make. The color in these 2 pics didn't come out true either but the green squares are the color of my bedroom walls and the yellow is the color of my Favorite sheet set. So that with the bed nicely made-up I think these colors would be beautiful as something for my own room. I don't make many things for myself and I still don't know what to make out of these squares but I'm sure something will come to me or of course be suggested to me : ) There are only 9 of each color so not alot to work with there. I can't find anymore of these colors  for a good price down here now that they have mashed the 2 companies so this is all I will be making I think.
I don't know why this pic came out so small? Oh, well maybe I'll figure this thing out one day yet.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

YOP Sunday Update #6

Last week I had some problems with my crocheted Baby Kimono and some of you tried to help me and offer advice so first off, Thank You! However I just could not figure it out so I frogged the whole thing. Then luck came along and on my trip to Ollie's Outlet Store I found this book (only $4). I love this book! So many patterns are going to be favorites I think. The only part I dislike is the seaming but I don't like sewing up at all so that isn't the books fault.

 Inside was this pattern. So cute and almost just what I was going for. It only needed a few modifications, like the sleeves were too girly (need something for either gender) and it was too short in the belly part.

In the end I think it may be a bit too big for a newborn-3 month old but 4-6 months should do it. Here is a pic of the whole set. Little Mittens, Booties, Kimono and Hat.

"Midget" let me borrow her Glass Doll, which is the size of a real baby, to try the baby set on. Though I think if she had objected I could have done it anyway just on the grounds that it was my toy from when I was a kid first!

The hat was a bit big but should fit by 3 months as well. All that added to the blanket will make a nice Baby Shower gift for the next Mom-to-be in our family. With how long it's taken me though I will have to make a few each year in spare moments just to keep up with the life flow.

I have finished another Corn set on my Cornfield Summer Top. Doesn't look like much got done but with all the lace yo's and such my hands started to hurt after 2 hours. Have to get back to it later.

I found this pattern in another book and I have decided to add it to my YoP list.
Really I am making a substitution for the pig bottle warmer because even as cute as the pig is I can't see anyone actually using it and I want what I make to be useful. This may end up a Christmas Present, it's definatly pretty enough.

Chat again next week!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

YoP Sunday post #5

I've decided to number my posts so I can keep up with how many weeks I have left for our little project here. Thank you to everyone who gave me advise on my Baby Blanket. It turned out beautifully (at least to me) nice and square and the edging was done in the right amount of stitches. 3 Days I worked on the math for that bit and still I didn't trust myself. I just added rows until I had it square and then started the shell pattern at the bottom of the blanket, in the end I had to unravel 1 row anyway but that didn't bother me so much since I hadn't cut and finished that edge yet. My picture came out sideways again, still dont know why, maybe one day I'll get the hang of that.

After that sucess I began my Baby Kimono Wrap which it turns out keeps telling me how dumb I am! This is as far as I can get because I need serious help. Anyone who crochets Please take a look at this pattern and tell me what's going on when I get to # 4 because I have tried several things and they all look terrible. The pattern is a free one from Ravelry so if you have the time to spare I would greatly appreciate help. If my Blog does not allow you to leave comments feel free to leave me a message(pm) on Rav. under Trenody85.

This next picture would have been a disaster if someone hadn't told me that Top Down Crocheted Hats stay flat until you finish with the increase rows. There May have been some hysterical crying during the 4 assumed failures before I got that bit of advise but if there were I would never admit it.

This is the second half of my Mystery 220 group project. I had meant to post this last WIP Wednesday but then I decided not to over burden myself so close to the beginning of the school year meaning that I have decided to combine all knitting posts in the Sunday post so that I have more time during the week for "Midgets" homework plus regular meal and earlier bed times. Sometimes her homework can take a couple hours all by itself.
this last picture is what my Mystery looks like all layed out on a chair. I know it must be a wrap or table runner because I can't think of anything else it could be, though with the pic I chose for the first half, a blanket was a good guess. We just got a new clue on this so in a few weeks I may have a new update about this project.

We also started a few new mysteries and I will be starting a pair of socks in a few days with my other groups. Love all the blogs I have read so far, can't wait for all your next updates.