Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

I hid 50 eggs out in our front yard on Easter. I had given all our plastic eggs away to her school but in hunting with the family and at our usual Easter events we collected about 35 new plastic eggs. Those plus the 20 we dyed makes 55 but 5 of our hen eggs didn't make it to the egg dye ; ) "Midget" really loves boiled eggs. Even Grandma came and watched the fun. I hid a golden egg in a really good spot and told "Midget" if she found it she could trade me for an Easter Basket. I try to make our own baskets around here because I just don't approve of the quality of the toys in prepared baskets these days. I ran around today during our normal outings and collected all the Easter things for next years basket. I love doing all this collecting and making plus the crafty part of making it beautiful! This years basket had a lot more Bible things in it (even a real Bible) she's just old enough to want to know more than the kid versions of all the Sunday School stories. I hope one day she will do the same for her children.

Growing Up!

My kid had her ears pierced on the day after Easter. I was so proud of her and so sad too. She just had her 8th birthday and I told her "when she turns eight, if she had the guts to sit down and get it done, knowing it will hurt, then I approve". She didn't even flinch! Five minutes later she was near tears telling me it was starting to hurt. Good thing I gave her an Ibprofen right after the deed. I can't snuggle her like my baby anymore because it would hurt her tender ears and I have to remember not to tickle her so rough so that parts sad but she gets to show the family how grown up she is so that's good.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Weeds, Again!

Today and yesterday have been the most beautiful gardening days here in lower North Carolina. Too hot and sunny really for any midday gardening but the whole family got out there after dinner both days and really kicked dirt. Great fun even though I'm tired I know I'll sleep good again tonight. "Midget" planted the sunflower bed with G'ma and they went crazy! all kinds of flower seeds went in there today. Most exciting was the special paper from google! It said to plant the paper by covering lightly with soil and wild flowers would grow as the paper degraded. "Midget" had so many questions about that I could hardly keep up. "How do they get seed in paper?" was my favorite! 5 Garden beds roughly 23' by 4', the extra sunflower bed and the strawberry bed is what we have right now and I don't think our yard would allow for much more,not really. The soil here is mostly red clay so we've been trying lots of things for a few years to find out what our soil will give us with little to no $ improvements. Leave mulches aside we can get some good cucumbers, tomatoes, corn and bell peppers from our yard almost automatically. In other news, my uncle and his family have found a great house and are making minor improvements while intertaining some free labor from a house guest that came in the other day. Love free help! Nice to see old faces, it's been 2 years after all. new post later. P.S. Giveaway Corner, this new blog i'm watching has some great giveaways all this week! Check it out, I mean it!

Monday, April 18, 2011


I know that a little thing like a birthday party should not make me so happy but this one was a hit! That makes me happy. My kid was all smiles and her friends and the family had fun and got full. We had a Pirate party! First let me say that I'm about to go on and on, if you get bored just skip ahead. Okay, first I had the kids come in and choose 2 tattoos to put on, in theme of course. While they were being still (easy to miss!) I tied piratish bandanas onto their heads. Then I made them baloon swords to go and wack each other with. After those were all popped I had them search for all the puzzle pieces we had hidden that made up the homemade Treasure Map (they had a ball). Then they had to follow the Map to a Treasure Chest I had also hidden and inside were bead necklaces, rings, chocolate coins and maze scrolls. Then presents and after that cake and ice cream. My favorite part was the leaving part ; ). Not for the reason you think though. I gave each kid a bag they included some little toys and a gold dollar and their Treasure Chest Booty plus a nice plastic sword and some balloons. It would have been nice to give them the swords while the party was happening but I did Not want real sword fights in our yard! Anyway I had great fun with the theme this year. Mostly because my time of themes and decoration will be over soon. My kid will start to want to go to the movies with a few friends or skating or something and I will be left out of the baking, cooking, treatbag swirl that I love doing for her special day. Motto: Enjoy it while it lasts, no matter if they like it or not!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bible in 90 Days

Ok, so I'm trying to read the bible in 90 days with a few (30) others here on the blog-o-sphere and I can tell you, I'm not gonna make it in time. Not only have I not done this before but I haven't even read the Bible in any form before either, Sure the preacher said "turn to so & so chapter" and I did but Never have I done this just for me. I like to understand and take a moment to figure things out when I read! That takes time I didn't count in when I decided to try this. Plus my kids 8th birthday is coming up and I've been planning and preparing for her party (this sundayafter church). I know, excuses-excuses, but I've been reading and learning and I don't plan to be too much later than deadline (90 days). Thanks for the understanding. The listening helps too!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Silver Lining

I found out a little while ago that my local library is having a small problem. I know that my library is an off-shoot of the Main Library and that is where they get their orders from. I have a chosen day that I go to this library and each week I borrow a few books and decide which ones are worth the buying price for our "homestead and how to" collection. The Main Library cannot afford to hire people so they have "drafted" our library lady to work for them every other Saturday until thing begin to go better in the economy meaning that ours has to be Closed every other Saturday. Some people can only afford the gas to go to town once a week and now the Library may not be on their list quite so much anymore. I hate that! Librarys are important to me and my kid. My town day is not Saturday so this hasn't affected me so much as it could have. The silver lining? The library isn't Closing closing like so many others these days, and thats something in such a small town. Sometimes you just gotta give up something small (like one day) so you can keep the main good.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Blog Party!

Totally sounds good to me! I can't wait to find out more. I found out about this one at "Down On The Farm" blog. You can go there and read that post too. A little convoluted I know but it's worth it. Lots of prizes and chances to win!