Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

I hid 50 eggs out in our front yard on Easter. I had given all our plastic eggs away to her school but in hunting with the family and at our usual Easter events we collected about 35 new plastic eggs. Those plus the 20 we dyed makes 55 but 5 of our hen eggs didn't make it to the egg dye ; ) "Midget" really loves boiled eggs. Even Grandma came and watched the fun. I hid a golden egg in a really good spot and told "Midget" if she found it she could trade me for an Easter Basket. I try to make our own baskets around here because I just don't approve of the quality of the toys in prepared baskets these days. I ran around today during our normal outings and collected all the Easter things for next years basket. I love doing all this collecting and making plus the crafty part of making it beautiful! This years basket had a lot more Bible things in it (even a real Bible) she's just old enough to want to know more than the kid versions of all the Sunday School stories. I hope one day she will do the same for her children.

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