Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Weeds, Again!

Today and yesterday have been the most beautiful gardening days here in lower North Carolina. Too hot and sunny really for any midday gardening but the whole family got out there after dinner both days and really kicked dirt. Great fun even though I'm tired I know I'll sleep good again tonight. "Midget" planted the sunflower bed with G'ma and they went crazy! all kinds of flower seeds went in there today. Most exciting was the special paper from google! It said to plant the paper by covering lightly with soil and wild flowers would grow as the paper degraded. "Midget" had so many questions about that I could hardly keep up. "How do they get seed in paper?" was my favorite! 5 Garden beds roughly 23' by 4', the extra sunflower bed and the strawberry bed is what we have right now and I don't think our yard would allow for much more,not really. The soil here is mostly red clay so we've been trying lots of things for a few years to find out what our soil will give us with little to no $ improvements. Leave mulches aside we can get some good cucumbers, tomatoes, corn and bell peppers from our yard almost automatically. In other news, my uncle and his family have found a great house and are making minor improvements while intertaining some free labor from a house guest that came in the other day. Love free help! Nice to see old faces, it's been 2 years after all. new post later. P.S. Giveaway Corner, this new blog i'm watching has some great giveaways all this week! Check it out, I mean it!

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