Monday, August 17, 2015

It's Been a Long Time

A Long....Time :)

A few years to be exact. A few ups a few downs, a kid with Recurrent Pancreatitis and a Doctors' order to keep her fat intake to under 21g a day. I don't know if you've ever really looked at your foods Nutritional Info but 21g ain't much for a growing girl. Which leads me to a giveaway I entered (called The Swim, Sun and Fun at A Lucky Ladybug) for her for some new Healthy snacks. Finding nutritious meals I could make at home (21g kinda cuts out all restaurants except Subway and maybe the Ultimate Chicken Grill at Wendy's) has been hard enough but finding snacks that are tasty and low-fat has been hard.

Anyway, we won! Not only did we win the snacks but the giveaway was for a lot of fun Summer goodies too...Icing on the cake really ;)

Only half has arrived so far but it was the Healthy Snacks half so, Yay.

 Healthy Delicious from Great Kids Healthy snacks. I will admit that we were so excited about this package arriving that we kinda forgot to take this pic until some of the goodies were gone. I remember a bag of veggie chips that had Okra and Green Beans in it flavored with Sea Salt. Both personal Favs. Plus a couple Paleo punch nummies. I will say that some of these snacks are still over the fat gram limit I set for snacks but that just meant she can eith half them or give them to me. There's some gummies in there, some Kelp chips and in the back some Spiced apple slices. All kinds of things she can't wait to get her hands on. I'm making her wait though on most of them so she can take them to school for snack.

Awesomely enough there was also a $100 gift card to DelSol. Where everything changes color in the sunlight. Minnie really loved picking out these things.She got a Teardrop Shell necklace, 2 shirts, 2 nail polishes, a hat and sunglasses. I got the bracelet, cause every girl needs a little pretty :). The jewelry turns a lovely blue when in the sun, and the shirts really pop. The hat, glasses and polish are a little more understated but still lovely, (I didn't take pics in the sun because my camera is on the blink. Somehow got stuck on the Indoor setting).

P.S. Evidently being a Tween does not mean you can't like the Little Mermaid anymore (who knew, right?).

More of our goodies from the giveaway have arrived. Yay!

There was a sweet shirt and decal from MichiGal. Here have a look...

The Scoop Tee is what I chose and I think I will be putting it away for next year but it is super cute and really soft and comfy. We haven't decided what we want to put our decal on yet but I'm sure there's a plain tee in my closet somewhere. Please excuse the unmade bed...Afternoon napping is popular around here over the is late nights ;)

Another of the prizes was a couple crafty fun things from Orb Factory for the kiddo. I gotta say she was super excited about these. The little Whale was done in one day/night.

She loved it and even now a couple weeks later keeps it on her bookshelf with her knick knacks.

The Sparkling Sun Jewels Ocean Friends took her a bit longer. It was more of a shareable craft and we all got a chance to do one each, with 2 left over for her to do later. They were so much fun too. We've always been a crafty sort of family and Crafts we can do together provide some of the Best times. 

For me there was a big beach tote/bag from SySrion. It's a pretty nice tote but I haven't gotten to use it yet since we didn't do much vacationing this year. I think it would make a great farmers market bag though and I might get to use it a bit more that way.

It folds right up into it's self, it's mostly mesh so everything can breath and it can hold tuns of stuff. Yes, I think I'll make it my market bag.

One sad note. One prize never made it to us. I expect that sometimes things just get lost in the mail or the order gets misplaced or back burnered. The Ultimate Disney Party Book from Edda USA. It would have been nice to have but with all the wealth we already received we can't really complain.

P.S. a last thank you to A Lucky Ladybug and all the Sponsors for all the effort and because we really enjoyed ourselves.