Monday, August 17, 2015

It's Been a Long Time

A Long....Time :)

A few years to be exact. A few ups a few downs, a kid with Recurrent Pancreatitis and a Doctors' order to keep her fat intake to under 21g a day. I don't know if you've ever really looked at your foods Nutritional Info but 21g ain't much for a growing girl. Which leads me to a giveaway I entered (called The Swim, Sun and Fun at A Lucky Ladybug) for her for some new Healthy snacks. Finding nutritious meals I could make at home (21g kinda cuts out all restaurants except Subway and maybe the Ultimate Chicken Grill at Wendy's) has been hard enough but finding snacks that are tasty and low-fat has been hard.

Anyway, we won! Not only did we win the snacks but the giveaway was for a lot of fun Summer goodies too...Icing on the cake really ;)

Only half has arrived so far but it was the Healthy Snacks half so, Yay.

 Healthy Delicious from Great Kids Healthy snacks. I will admit that we were so excited about this package arriving that we kinda forgot to take this pic until some of the goodies were gone. I remember a bag of veggie chips that had Okra and Green Beans in it flavored with Sea Salt. Both personal Favs. Plus a couple Paleo punch nummies. I will say that some of these snacks are still over the fat gram limit I set for snacks but that just meant she can eith half them or give them to me. There's some gummies in there, some Kelp chips and in the back some Spiced apple slices. All kinds of things she can't wait to get her hands on. I'm making her wait though on most of them so she can take them to school for snack.

Awesomely enough there was also a $100 gift card to DelSol. Where everything changes color in the sunlight. Minnie really loved picking out these things.She got a Teardrop Shell necklace, 2 shirts, 2 nail polishes, a hat and sunglasses. I got the bracelet, cause every girl needs a little pretty :). The jewelry turns a lovely blue when in the sun, and the shirts really pop. The hat, glasses and polish are a little more understated but still lovely, (I didn't take pics in the sun because my camera is on the blink. Somehow got stuck on the Indoor setting).

P.S. Evidently being a Tween does not mean you can't like the Little Mermaid anymore (who knew, right?).

More of our goodies from the giveaway have arrived. Yay!

There was a sweet shirt and decal from MichiGal. Here have a look...

The Scoop Tee is what I chose and I think I will be putting it away for next year but it is super cute and really soft and comfy. We haven't decided what we want to put our decal on yet but I'm sure there's a plain tee in my closet somewhere. Please excuse the unmade bed...Afternoon napping is popular around here over the is late nights ;)

Another of the prizes was a couple crafty fun things from Orb Factory for the kiddo. I gotta say she was super excited about these. The little Whale was done in one day/night.

She loved it and even now a couple weeks later keeps it on her bookshelf with her knick knacks.

The Sparkling Sun Jewels Ocean Friends took her a bit longer. It was more of a shareable craft and we all got a chance to do one each, with 2 left over for her to do later. They were so much fun too. We've always been a crafty sort of family and Crafts we can do together provide some of the Best times. 

For me there was a big beach tote/bag from SySrion. It's a pretty nice tote but I haven't gotten to use it yet since we didn't do much vacationing this year. I think it would make a great farmers market bag though and I might get to use it a bit more that way.

It folds right up into it's self, it's mostly mesh so everything can breath and it can hold tuns of stuff. Yes, I think I'll make it my market bag.

One sad note. One prize never made it to us. I expect that sometimes things just get lost in the mail or the order gets misplaced or back burnered. The Ultimate Disney Party Book from Edda USA. It would have been nice to have but with all the wealth we already received we can't really complain.

P.S. a last thank you to A Lucky Ladybug and all the Sponsors for all the effort and because we really enjoyed ourselves.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Checking Reviews

I don't know about you guys but before I choose a new Doc or Pharmacy I always check out their customer reviews. For example above is a link for North West Pharmacy. Always check out the problems others have had before you commit to a long term decision

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Yop once in a while

This is charley. Unfortunatly he does not belong at our house. He is well trained on the leash and potties outside and all but he is jealous! My kid can't even come nearme or he growls and snaps at her. He doesn't really bite but it still scares her too much for him to stay. He doesn't like men around either. He does love to be just you and him sitting on the couch and cuddling. He loves car rides and walks. We really thought we were going to keep him but my kid comes first and he has to go.

We redid m our 9 yr old room for her 10 b-day. She wanted hills and clouds and blue skys. We even let her pick the colors. You can't tell here but she chose a darker blue green and pinkish clouds for a evening look. It used to be all old wall paper (yellowish-beige)

 These are some of the things I found when I switched my room up and re did it.

Been making some dish rags in seed stitch.

Working on a pair of leg warmers for my Mothers day Present. Each year I make another piece for her set. She loves this color. Shes part indian (Cherokee I think) and it looks really good on her too.

Friday, March 15, 2013


There's a new SPIDER in the USA!

It lives in the rim of your toilet. It likes damp dark places. It has killed several people. It is from India and came over on a few planes and luggage i'm guessing. You done feel the effects for a few days after being bitten. This spider could be anywhere by now because they did find it on at least 4 airplanes that had stopped in India. The first death was in Florida at a restaurant. That just shows how quickly it can move from the plane to where-ever. Pay attention while your in the public restrooms or if you've been traveling!

If you read this. please tell those you love. I posted this on the wall at my local library for all to see.
I only found out because my uncle is an exterminator and they got a post to watch out for these.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Playing Catch-up

Last year I had to stop blogging because my internet has been a brat. This year I decided to blog less often but still that's better than nothing I think. I'm am right now blogging from the Library and short on time. Also you can't upload pics from here so I'll have to stop by my granny's and ask if I can do it from there.

So Christmas Last year-- I bought this Scooby for my kid (10). She's a huge Scooby Doo fan. It was origionally a sleeping bag but I couldn't resist buying it even though it was obviously too small for her. I turned it into a nice big pillow. She loves it so much that I no longer feel quilty for buying something I knew was too small.

I knit one shawl and crocheted another last month. The knit one is almost done. I just need to finish the border/edging. It took me a long time to decide on an edging for this one and in the end I had to modify one from a book to get the effect I wanted but I think it's turning out lovely. The crocheted one I turned into a bit of pretty for my favorite chair. It was round so I just threaded an extra bit of yarn through the loops around the edges, popped the cushion in, tightened it up and tied it. I can't even feel the thing when I sit down either and that yarn was kind of thick!

I am joining a CAL for some Pineapple Towel Toppers and decided to get new towels so if you have an opinion about which yarn looks best let me know about that as well. I lean more towards the green but thats just because pineapples are tan with green spikey leaves. It's the literalist in me I think. The brown yarn alse looks really good with 2 rooms of my wallpapered house. Maybe I'll do 3 each of green and brown though I have less green yarn. I also have a Autumn colors varigated yarn that might look decent.

Got a cowl on the needles too. I've wanted one all this winter because I hae to have my scarf dragging in the mud, muck and wet while I'm going about tending the animals. I plan to make a pair of wristies too to go with. I've been hunting something to make from this yarn for almost a year! Tried a hat and the color was just awful for the pattern. Ripped it out and had to go on another hunt.

I started the Reniassance Tunic 3 weeks ago though it isn't getting the attantion it deserves because of the sheer # of things I've got going right now. It will not be for me but I'm turning it into a dress for my little girl. This means a bit of resizing on the sleeves but surprisingly not much else because I'm using the smallest size as a jump point. I've got a bit of the sleeve done too now.

Last year I also made these two stuffies. I found a booklet for just 99 cent amd made these 2 right away. I couldn't resist the monkey because it was Christmas . Someone got him in their Stocking (^_^). the second was the Zoo Keeper but he looked so much like my Father we started calling him Little Eddie.

My brithday is coming up next week and this year I got to go shopping! Yay! I bought these sweet boots on end of season sale. My birthday was alway horribly timed for any kind of outdoor party as a kid but sooo perfect for end of season sales. You can find so many needful things for next year and even some Spring/Summer stuff too. I got some of last seasons capris for 70% off and they look just like the new capris they just got in for this season. Lucky!

Speaking of difficult yarn I've got this stuff. I've already made a scarf from it but I hate the feel of it and 1 skien made just 2 feet of scarf. It was intended as the edging for a little girls blanket but she outgrew blue remarkably fast and is now all for pink. If you have any Ideas please let me know.

This year I plan to give my Aunt's a set each of handmade Christmas Ornaments. Mini stockings, tiny Snowmen, sparkly Angels and more. About 3-4 of each kind I think. Plus I want a set for myself ;).

For all of you who made it this far, Thank You for your time and attention. I don't plan to make all my posts this
      long I just had some catching up to do.

Friday, March 1, 2013

My First Pattern!

This pattern is for a chapstick cozy keychain. I made one for my kid and then I liked hers so much I cast on one for myself too :)

Size 1 DPNs
15 or less yards of Fingering yarn

CO 20 sts.
Join in the round
K1, P1 for 6 rounds

R7) M1, K around
R8) K around
R9) *K3, yo, K2T, K2* 3x
R10) K around
R11) *K2, yo, K2T, yo, K2T, K1* 3x
R12) K around
R13) *K3, yo, K2T, K2* 3x
R14) K around
R15) K around to last stitch. Slip the last stitch to the next needle.

R16) K1, Yo, K2T, K to last st on 1st needle, Slip this last stitch to next needle. K1, Yo, K2T, K to last st on 2nd needle, slip this last st to last needle, K1, Yo, K2T, K to end.
R17) K around
R18) *Yo, K2T, yo, K2T, K3* 3x
R19) K around
R20) *K1, yo, K2T, K4* 3x
R21) K around
R22) K around, Knit 1 extra stitch from the 1st needle

R23) *K3, yo, K2T, K2* 3x
R24) K around
R25) *K2, yo, K2T, yo, K2T, K1* 3x
R26) K around
R27) *K3, yo, K2T, K2* 3x
R28-30) K around
R31) K2T around you will have 1 extra st = 11st
R32) K2T around + the extra =6 st
R33) K2T around = 3sts, cut yarn leaving 6-8 inches for sewing in. thread the tail through the last 3 sts and tie off, weave in etc...

Let me know if there's something wrong with this pattern please or perhaps if i've left anything out?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

No more YOP

I loved doing the Year of Projects with you all but I didn't really factor in the whole Spring planting season. I've been runnin' around like crazy getting the garden ready and etc...

Also my home computer is dead :( It will let me check my e-mail but that's about it. Sometimes in the middle of that I get kicked off the Net. I probably would have made it through the yop but that is something I just can't get around without using the computers at the local Library. Since I can check the e-mail I will still recieve any comments you leave for me so thank you all for those and have a lovely year.

Don't know when I'll be able to get back on track with my computer because even the guy I had look at it had no Idea what to do. Whenever I can I'll be checking on things from the Library but not very often I think (^_^) Bye!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

YoP post # 31 and Giveaway Winner

No crafting this week :) Too busy celebrating my Birthday with the family.

Winner of the book giveaway is Sandy (^_^) Yay! Send me an e-mail at with your address and such and I'll try to get it out real soon. BTW "Minnie" had great fun picking out of the glass. She almost had to stick her whole little arm in there :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Yop Update # 30

I finally finished my first I Love This Wrap. I also went ahead and started the second one so I wouldn't change my mind about making 2 of them. Once I got to the Long rows (each taking a half hour) I got a little weary of it. It doesn't look as good as the example on the pattern page but they do have theirs on an actual maniquin (? sorry spelling.) you know with arms and shoulders and such : )

This one is for my Mothers' Mother
Next week I'll show you a pic of the other one I started. It's a nice antique white/pale cream. and that one will be for mt Grandmother who was in that old pic a few posts ago.

I said I would do a giveaway a while ago and then I had to wait till we got enough extra cash to pay for the shipping. Here's the books I've collect for the giveaway. Shipping for books is pretty high these days, especially if you don't want them messed up. I thought about doing that flat rate- if it fits in the box- shipping thing (FED-EX right?). I tried to cover both knitting and crochet so whoever won would have whichever craft they prefer. It's you ladies (and Gentlemen?) that are participating in the YoP that I would like to make this giveaway open to.

Just comment below with a link to your YoP site. Not only will this keep it in the Family, as-it-were, but also help me make sure I've got everyone on my Bloglovin' list (^_^). I'll announce next Sunday the name "Minnie" draws from the "hat" (cause I don't know nothin about rafflecopter and stuff) plus she really wants to help.

See ya next week.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Yop post # 29

Very exciting week for us but not much crafting in the long run. I finished the second Circle of Friends hat. I didn't get a picture because my father took it to work with him the next mornning. When he brings it back I'll get a picture of it with the other one just so I can see how much bigger I ended up making it.

We had the baby shower last night and it lasted way longer than the scheduled 2 hours. It was supposed to run from 5-7pm but we didn't get home till around 8:30 so I decided not to make dinner at all and just sent "Minnie" to bed. My sister loved her Cowboy set! It was so exciting. She cried about 5 times during that party. Hormones I guess except that everything was in fact perfect :)

Hopefully I'll get more done next week.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Garden Seed Giveaway

I don't know how many of you ladies garden but right now there's a giveaway for some garden seeds over at The Redeemed Gardener and it's for seeds that have a pretty good reputation for growing very well. I sure hope to win. Sometimes the buying the seeds part is the most expensive especially if you want alot of variety and excellent quality.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Cookin' Up a Beat Down

Homemade KFC
The whole family devoured these. I started from almost absolute scratch. My mother is alergic to onion, which is in every BBQ sauce I could find so I even made the sauce. Only the Chicken wings came packaged. "Minnie" looked up at me with her face covered in sticky sauce and said "this is even better than KFC mommy"

Homemade Fries
 Parmesan Fries fresh from the oven. We love these with every finger food meal. Hotdogs, Hamburgers and it turns out Chicken wings too :)

I made a pizza too but it was smelling so good I didn't get a chance to get a pic until it was too late. Nothin' really special about it (just pepperoni) except that it was rolled into a loaf and spread with some delicious butter and herbs to jazz it up but when those smells started coming from the oven the crew over for the game went a little wild. Oh well, maybe next time.

All these recipes have been unanimously voted Family Favorites. Which means they go into the keep file and get one of those page covers and everything.