Sunday, February 26, 2012

Yop Update # 30

I finally finished my first I Love This Wrap. I also went ahead and started the second one so I wouldn't change my mind about making 2 of them. Once I got to the Long rows (each taking a half hour) I got a little weary of it. It doesn't look as good as the example on the pattern page but they do have theirs on an actual maniquin (? sorry spelling.) you know with arms and shoulders and such : )

This one is for my Mothers' Mother
Next week I'll show you a pic of the other one I started. It's a nice antique white/pale cream. and that one will be for mt Grandmother who was in that old pic a few posts ago.

I said I would do a giveaway a while ago and then I had to wait till we got enough extra cash to pay for the shipping. Here's the books I've collect for the giveaway. Shipping for books is pretty high these days, especially if you don't want them messed up. I thought about doing that flat rate- if it fits in the box- shipping thing (FED-EX right?). I tried to cover both knitting and crochet so whoever won would have whichever craft they prefer. It's you ladies (and Gentlemen?) that are participating in the YoP that I would like to make this giveaway open to.

Just comment below with a link to your YoP site. Not only will this keep it in the Family, as-it-were, but also help me make sure I've got everyone on my Bloglovin' list (^_^). I'll announce next Sunday the name "Minnie" draws from the "hat" (cause I don't know nothin about rafflecopter and stuff) plus she really wants to help.

See ya next week.


FoFo said...

very pretty!

Ruth said...

Lovely wrap the colour is just gorgeous.

Sandy said...

It turned out lovely, the little turned collar is very nice, and the buttons add a lot. Anxious to see the 2nd one. Backs of chairs work well...I use them too.
Contest....always fun! Count me in, it will improve everyone else's chance of, seriously. I am not a lucky person.

Kepanie said...

I love your wrap. It's pretty and looks like a warm hug.