Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Winter Thoughts

I always make plans for my garden and animals during the winter. In some ways I have found this to be very helpful but in other ways always disasterous. When I plan for my animals I can take into consideration all the problems the cold weather sends to me. For a short list there is water for the animals, keeping them healthy and warm and then there is me. I always get a bit sluggish and reluctant to venture far from the heated house when it gets cold. So in winter it helps to know just what I will be willing to take on next year before I go and add new animals to our little family. But my garden plans are always extravagant because I feel the need to get out and grow something. I love the smell of tomato vines and bell peppers too! I get so excited and I just can't wait, which means that my garden is alway a bit of a let down because I could not in the end fit everything I wanted into my four 4 by 22 foot beds. I don't include my circular strawberry patch because it will always be there for my kid until she gets tired of tending it. I like to plant at least one bed of corn and one bed of pumpkins and watermelon/cantaloupe. the other two beds are up for grabs to my imagination, and boy do I have one! I am going to have to find a way to just be happy and scale down my thoughts and plans. Though something must be said for grand plans for our future ;).

Thursday, January 20, 2011

This Dratted Computer!

I am being kicked off my internet about every 15 min or less. It is really getting on my nerves so I haven't braved posting in a while. Everyone has taken a crack at fixin' this thing and we've all failed so far so I guess we'll all take another turn. In other news we've all been feeling much better. Almost finished with out medicines for Strep Throat and much less tired. There's even been some re-arranging of the house going on today. They call it nesting but I think we just have an odd shaped room and we haven't gotten it just right yet.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I need your opinion

Ok, so I want sheep. Among other things on my list of I wants are at least 5-7 sheep. I don't care if they are wethers or ewes. A ram might be in the future but I really want my own source of yarns and fibers. Right now is a pretty uncertain time in North Carolina. With freezing temps so early thin year and sometimes our summers hit 100 degrees and someyears we hardly get into the 90's. I have been trying to decide what breed of sheep would be best suited to our climate. Think zone 7 in the for gardening. So far I have a list of breeds I have looked into. Before I list my top picks I want to tell you my deciding factors. I like the look of the open faced breeds. Polled or naturally without horns. I also do not want hair sheep (they just aren't my thing). Lastly I want a breed that can be maintained on grass with little feed, lamb well and raise the lambs on grass as well. So with all that in mind I do realise that I can't have everything so my top choices are Rambouilett, Corridale and Chevoit. If anyone knows any reason not to choose these breeds of has a breed I have not considered please tell me! Every little suggestion helps. I will continue to read and consider all comments for at least the next 6 months before the decision is final.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Still Sick

2 weeks and counting of sick sneezy, wheezy, and achy. I wanna be better! Soon I hope. Going to the doc tomorrow. I would have gone sooner but with the holiday it just wasn't gonna happen. I'm going to bed now, Bye-bye.