Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Winter Thoughts

I always make plans for my garden and animals during the winter. In some ways I have found this to be very helpful but in other ways always disasterous. When I plan for my animals I can take into consideration all the problems the cold weather sends to me. For a short list there is water for the animals, keeping them healthy and warm and then there is me. I always get a bit sluggish and reluctant to venture far from the heated house when it gets cold. So in winter it helps to know just what I will be willing to take on next year before I go and add new animals to our little family. But my garden plans are always extravagant because I feel the need to get out and grow something. I love the smell of tomato vines and bell peppers too! I get so excited and I just can't wait, which means that my garden is alway a bit of a let down because I could not in the end fit everything I wanted into my four 4 by 22 foot beds. I don't include my circular strawberry patch because it will always be there for my kid until she gets tired of tending it. I like to plant at least one bed of corn and one bed of pumpkins and watermelon/cantaloupe. the other two beds are up for grabs to my imagination, and boy do I have one! I am going to have to find a way to just be happy and scale down my thoughts and plans. Though something must be said for grand plans for our future ;).

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