Thursday, February 3, 2011

In the mood

Lately I have found myself reluctant to venture into the cold outside if I do not have to. Anyone who has spent too much time indoors can probably tell you Clostrophobia is real even in tiny degrees. No matter where I look I see stuff. I have begun to sort through all my things and decide what can stay and what must go. It feels like torture sometimes to throw out the artwork and little presents my kid has made and given to me over the last year or two. Really though how many paintings can the house handle. I have made sure that "Midget" is not here to see any of the things I decided to let go. I have already kept a 3" binder for each school year so far starting in pre-k. It's not just "Midgets" stuff I'm going through either. Books, dishes, extra electronics, clothes, games, puzzles and tons more! Probably going to be making a stop at the church and the goodwill later this month. It does take some time to whip everything into shape after all.

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