Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Garden Time

I have been trying to get motivated lately to get up and get moving. First (as we all can feel when we go outside) there's been a turn in the weather. Spring is coming and my brain has plans. "I have to get out there soon" is what i've been saying to myself for a couple weeks and finally I did. Saturday was beautiful! It felt good to be in the garden with "Midget". We had covered the garden with all the fallen leaves last year so our first step was to clear that away. Then we weeded, me with my trendy tool ( 4 spikes, a long pipe and handle bars on top) and her with her hands. Who got the raw end of that deal? Nobody! I enjoyed it to much to complain and I didn't even feel the real effort....until Sunday morning. When I finished my part the both of us sat around the garden and pulled the loosened weeds. We chatted about nothing but I gotta say I have never had such a good time just being with my baby. I also need to get moving to save my health. I'm not proud of what i've become so I usually just try to pretend I don't notice but that's not how I want to live my life. I do feed "Midget" healthy food and I keep fruit and veggies around, I just don't eat them. So first step get moving! Next step, fruit.

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