Friday, March 1, 2013

My First Pattern!

This pattern is for a chapstick cozy keychain. I made one for my kid and then I liked hers so much I cast on one for myself too :)

Size 1 DPNs
15 or less yards of Fingering yarn

CO 20 sts.
Join in the round
K1, P1 for 6 rounds

R7) M1, K around
R8) K around
R9) *K3, yo, K2T, K2* 3x
R10) K around
R11) *K2, yo, K2T, yo, K2T, K1* 3x
R12) K around
R13) *K3, yo, K2T, K2* 3x
R14) K around
R15) K around to last stitch. Slip the last stitch to the next needle.

R16) K1, Yo, K2T, K to last st on 1st needle, Slip this last stitch to next needle. K1, Yo, K2T, K to last st on 2nd needle, slip this last st to last needle, K1, Yo, K2T, K to end.
R17) K around
R18) *Yo, K2T, yo, K2T, K3* 3x
R19) K around
R20) *K1, yo, K2T, K4* 3x
R21) K around
R22) K around, Knit 1 extra stitch from the 1st needle

R23) *K3, yo, K2T, K2* 3x
R24) K around
R25) *K2, yo, K2T, yo, K2T, K1* 3x
R26) K around
R27) *K3, yo, K2T, K2* 3x
R28-30) K around
R31) K2T around you will have 1 extra st = 11st
R32) K2T around + the extra =6 st
R33) K2T around = 3sts, cut yarn leaving 6-8 inches for sewing in. thread the tail through the last 3 sts and tie off, weave in etc...

Let me know if there's something wrong with this pattern please or perhaps if i've left anything out?

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