Monday, March 4, 2013

Playing Catch-up

Last year I had to stop blogging because my internet has been a brat. This year I decided to blog less often but still that's better than nothing I think. I'm am right now blogging from the Library and short on time. Also you can't upload pics from here so I'll have to stop by my granny's and ask if I can do it from there.

So Christmas Last year-- I bought this Scooby for my kid (10). She's a huge Scooby Doo fan. It was origionally a sleeping bag but I couldn't resist buying it even though it was obviously too small for her. I turned it into a nice big pillow. She loves it so much that I no longer feel quilty for buying something I knew was too small.

I knit one shawl and crocheted another last month. The knit one is almost done. I just need to finish the border/edging. It took me a long time to decide on an edging for this one and in the end I had to modify one from a book to get the effect I wanted but I think it's turning out lovely. The crocheted one I turned into a bit of pretty for my favorite chair. It was round so I just threaded an extra bit of yarn through the loops around the edges, popped the cushion in, tightened it up and tied it. I can't even feel the thing when I sit down either and that yarn was kind of thick!

I am joining a CAL for some Pineapple Towel Toppers and decided to get new towels so if you have an opinion about which yarn looks best let me know about that as well. I lean more towards the green but thats just because pineapples are tan with green spikey leaves. It's the literalist in me I think. The brown yarn alse looks really good with 2 rooms of my wallpapered house. Maybe I'll do 3 each of green and brown though I have less green yarn. I also have a Autumn colors varigated yarn that might look decent.

Got a cowl on the needles too. I've wanted one all this winter because I hae to have my scarf dragging in the mud, muck and wet while I'm going about tending the animals. I plan to make a pair of wristies too to go with. I've been hunting something to make from this yarn for almost a year! Tried a hat and the color was just awful for the pattern. Ripped it out and had to go on another hunt.

I started the Reniassance Tunic 3 weeks ago though it isn't getting the attantion it deserves because of the sheer # of things I've got going right now. It will not be for me but I'm turning it into a dress for my little girl. This means a bit of resizing on the sleeves but surprisingly not much else because I'm using the smallest size as a jump point. I've got a bit of the sleeve done too now.

Last year I also made these two stuffies. I found a booklet for just 99 cent amd made these 2 right away. I couldn't resist the monkey because it was Christmas . Someone got him in their Stocking (^_^). the second was the Zoo Keeper but he looked so much like my Father we started calling him Little Eddie.

My brithday is coming up next week and this year I got to go shopping! Yay! I bought these sweet boots on end of season sale. My birthday was alway horribly timed for any kind of outdoor party as a kid but sooo perfect for end of season sales. You can find so many needful things for next year and even some Spring/Summer stuff too. I got some of last seasons capris for 70% off and they look just like the new capris they just got in for this season. Lucky!

Speaking of difficult yarn I've got this stuff. I've already made a scarf from it but I hate the feel of it and 1 skien made just 2 feet of scarf. It was intended as the edging for a little girls blanket but she outgrew blue remarkably fast and is now all for pink. If you have any Ideas please let me know.

This year I plan to give my Aunt's a set each of handmade Christmas Ornaments. Mini stockings, tiny Snowmen, sparkly Angels and more. About 3-4 of each kind I think. Plus I want a set for myself ;).

For all of you who made it this far, Thank You for your time and attention. I don't plan to make all my posts this
      long I just had some catching up to do.

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Emma (GirlAnachronismE) said...

Nice projects! I love the little crochet amigurumi, the christmas ornaments are so cute! And srry, but no idea what to do with fun fur, maybe a teddy bear?