Monday, April 18, 2011


I know that a little thing like a birthday party should not make me so happy but this one was a hit! That makes me happy. My kid was all smiles and her friends and the family had fun and got full. We had a Pirate party! First let me say that I'm about to go on and on, if you get bored just skip ahead. Okay, first I had the kids come in and choose 2 tattoos to put on, in theme of course. While they were being still (easy to miss!) I tied piratish bandanas onto their heads. Then I made them baloon swords to go and wack each other with. After those were all popped I had them search for all the puzzle pieces we had hidden that made up the homemade Treasure Map (they had a ball). Then they had to follow the Map to a Treasure Chest I had also hidden and inside were bead necklaces, rings, chocolate coins and maze scrolls. Then presents and after that cake and ice cream. My favorite part was the leaving part ; ). Not for the reason you think though. I gave each kid a bag they included some little toys and a gold dollar and their Treasure Chest Booty plus a nice plastic sword and some balloons. It would have been nice to give them the swords while the party was happening but I did Not want real sword fights in our yard! Anyway I had great fun with the theme this year. Mostly because my time of themes and decoration will be over soon. My kid will start to want to go to the movies with a few friends or skating or something and I will be left out of the baking, cooking, treatbag swirl that I love doing for her special day. Motto: Enjoy it while it lasts, no matter if they like it or not!

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