Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Learning New Things

Haven't posted in a while. No excuse really but my own procrastination. I've been reading a book called "Blogger for Dummies". Makes me feel like a dummy every time : ) because trere are so many things I didn't do when I started this blog. I only started reading it to fing out why I can't post pics anymore but the book is HUGE. I can only read so much though before my eyes cross so I have been doing other things (just not blogging). Every time I get on here I feel the need to change something I read about or document it in a post. Something like hey guys I never set up the -blah de blah blah- feature or along those lines anyway. Sad that I can't be happy after this book. there is a good note though. I found a weaving loom. Not very technical or pricy but perfect for learning, and that is just what I hope to do! I can sew, knit, and net/knot but I can't weave yet or do cross stitch or needlepoint and I really love the fiber arts. I am working my way up to the Big Learning aka spinning. Progress report later though I may move up from this blog and try again once I figure out this book and if I do I will be reposting most of these last posts and adding pics.

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