Thursday, October 28, 2010

My First

Isn't it cute? It's my first tiny orchard. I ordered all dwarf trees because we don't have alot of space here that isn't all downhill. Our yard has one high corner and the rest just slopes all the way down to the creek. Anyway back to the little trees. I have 1 each of red delicious and golden delicious apples, 1 necterine, 1 peach, 1 sweet cherry, 1 pie cherry and 1 pear tree. I really wanted to grow our own fruit here and this seemed the best way for us right now. Not only did I learn lots about planting and care of the trees but I will also find out what grows best in out yard. I also got a tree for my Great Grandfather. This tree was special to us all because he used to tell us stories about a tree he and my Great Grandmother (deceased) had when they were newly married. It was called a Fruit Coctail(?) tree. He said they used to walk outside and pick 5 different kinds of fruit off of one tree. Well I was a total non-believer until I found one in the catalogue I chose my trees from. I can't wait until I see it give fruit!

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