Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Library

We are not rich people and I don't buy many books but I do know all the Librarians' Names and so does Midget. We have a standing date for Mondays after school and check out so many books per week the Librarians have told me that it has helped the small town district stay open. Mostly I get childrens books and read a few every morning. I do love to get a little something for myself every week. We buy most of our books from the Library Sale in April every year. I save all year and spent about 100 dollars on books and movies. They sell all kinds of things including old records and we hit the jackpot when they phased out all the childrens books on tape (with the books) we spent almost all our sale money buying them all. Now we are reading one each day and then sending it to her school because once she can read it to me we don't need it anymore. Next time I'll try to put up a reading list of some of the things I'll be reading this winter.

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