Monday, October 18, 2010


Well here I am at the library and I have figured this thing out I think. I still don't know how to check my e-mail and I can't get a picture off of my own computer from here but I can blog! If you've ever used a library computer you know that time is of the essence. Essence being 30 minute incriments and mine happens to be an afterschool visit so I cannot run over my time or I put someone else behind and so on and so on. For now I can say that it is hard being willingly without power during sunlight hours. We have decided to keep our power on because we have a well and the well pump needs power. However we are keeping all the lights off and not watching TV or anything except for 2 hours after dark falls. Perfect for movie time (just ask Midget). I may have to cut this post short because it took me a few minutes to get to this point and will take all the rest of my time to figure the E-mail thing out but next week I should be able to breach more subjects.

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