Saturday, October 2, 2010

Family Trip

I've never been patient enough to homeschool but I do try to supplement Midget's education with frequent field trips. Lately the cheaper the trip the more likely we'll be able to go but once a year we go big ($300-400.00). This was a not so expensive trip to Coston Farm ( to pick apples. Pick apples we did! LOTS! She got to see over a dozen different kinds of apples. I chose this trip to show her what I hoped our mini orchard would look like later but more about that later. They have a small store where they sell things they have made from there apples and some related knick-knacks. We pulled a wagon all around that orchard exploring the trees, bugs, and the texture of different fruits. We also stopped at whatever looked interesting on the way home so the day was full and happy.

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