Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Style

I decorated this kitchen when I was about 17. It was the first house I lived in alone and I wanted it to be mine. In retrospect the colors are a little odd but I loved the colors together and I worked hard on all the stenciling. I also did my hutch in these colors but with white being the main color and the trim in green and the inside in purple. Well my Father just let it slip that when I moved out and he sold the house the new owners repainted right away! I know that not everyone likes the same things and that if I were painting it again now I would not choose that color scheme but it still hurt. Especially when I think of all the days I worked on that project (moving after all that was hard enough) but that they repainted so soon after I had finished. Plus the fact that daddy said he hated the room the whole time. I nearly cried! I have pictures of baby Midget in that room. Anyway I have almost gotten over it now and I probably would have repainted myself after a few years. Chat Later!

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