Thursday, October 7, 2010

Down Boy

The police dogs are awesome! We learned about them, at the library, of course. The poor dog was so excited he could hardly sit still like he was supposed to (frozen on comand) but the children couldn't either so maybe they're squirminess was catchy. They all wanted to touch him of course(the dog not the cop) though they did want to feel the shiny badge. The officer explained the rules about getting to close or sneeking up on a police dog. I had mixed feelings about this visit because I know what the dogs are trained for and how fast things can go wrong but it was important for Midget to know how these dogs help and to meet a real polieceman. She has always known she is supposed to ask them for help but she was afraid of the police. I guess all strangers are scary but at least now she might find the courage to get help if she has to.

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