Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I am still quite behind in my posting. We have almost resolved our $ woes so I get to use our computer again yay! Anyhow our dog D.O.G. had puppies and I kept one and then we had her "fixed". Then D.O.G.'s baby had 2 puppies and we had her "fixed" but they died and then one cold morning I went outside and found the new puppies mom dead out side our chainlink fence. This was at least a year ago and we have all moved on but when I asked Midget what I should post about tonight she chose the puppy picture. We had been wanting to keep a pup just for her because all the dogs are older than she is. I wanted a pet she could grow up with. I think this kind of friend is important to have because I hoped Midget would learn how to love and care for someone who could not tell her what they needed or wanted with words. There will be times in her life when she will need to know how to read a persons actions instead of their words.

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