Friday, October 22, 2010


It's Halloween soon and the parties have already begun. Yesterday at our favorite museum thay had a historic themed party and today the school had its trunk-or-treat party. It always seems to creep up a little sooner each year. Midget was going to be the witch (same as last year). I always try to buy her costumes a little big so she can use them for dress up all year long and since this year has been a bit hard a new costume is out of the question. But 3 days before the first party she tells me " I want to be Wednesday Addams" (from the movies). I guess it's my fault anyway because we had already started our family tradition of holiday movies. 2 weeks before a major holiday we begin watching a movie per night as long as it is somehow related to the holiday. Anyway with this new costume I was thrilled. Mostly because Midget knew who she wanted to be and decided this on her own. In previous years I always had to say "Oooh this one is pretty/scary/funny etc. and then she would nod or shake her head at me. Also I already had the right dress for this! Yay! All we needed was a shirt with a collar and we were done. On a side note I have chosen today to post because I had a little time and access to a computer hope to post again soon. Probably Monday afternoon.

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