Wednesday, October 27, 2010

More Sad News

This year has felt very long for us. This lovely couple (above) have recently passed away. My aunt died just after we had visited one day. She had been telling us about her legs going numb and that she would be going to the doctor soon if it did not stop by Sunday night but she simply stopped breathing and never woke up. Midget was very sad because she loved to spend the night over there. About 4-6 weeks later my uncle was in a car wreck and died as well. Now I'm not much for fate but this couple was together for many years and if it were me and my children were grown I think I would want to go with my wife. If there had been a choice I don't know what he would have chosen but they said that he did not suffer. Though it was very hard for my cousins to deal with both losses so close to each other and Midget sometimes remembers that things are different not when she spends the night with my cousins children I think it mostly gets to her when she sees pictures and things. She has coped very well with loss this year but the healing is not so quick for the older generation I'm sure.

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