Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hang in there people this thing wont let me add more than 1 picture per post so here I am again. Midgets 6th birthday went great we had only family this time so it was all conversation and giggles from everyone and no shyness. Princesses are in right now so I baked a cake in the round pans and stacked and cut and frosted my butt off trying to make a princess dress for her barbie to stand in. I know most of you have see these things in the baking department of your local grocery store. They have the top half of a barbie on top of a bell shaped cake. Well I said "what fun is half a barbie?" and made a bunt cake for the dress. It was hard to find a medium sized bunt pan. I looked everywhere and finally gave up and cut a hole in a round cake. It wasn't perfect by any standards (if I can find a picture I'll post it too) but midget was thrilled and so I was too. The lady in the picture is my late Aunt Shelia and this is sadly one of the last pictures we have of her. We miss you and remember always!

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