Sunday, July 24, 2011

(YoP) Update, Growing up

I finished my Bag for the Car. Yay! When "Midget" was little she would play with one or two toys in the car and leave them everywhere. Then she met The Grouch.
 He took care of our toys while we wern't there. He also had a small bag in him for any trash we might need to feed him while we were out.

A couple years later and our little Grouchie is no longer "cool" and must not be seen by anyone at school. *Sigh*. Why does my little baby have to grow up:(
So a new solutio was called for and here's what I decided to do.
Make a new bag and pass Grouch off to my nephew. Made quite a few modifications to the ravelry pattern for this like handle placement etc... but we have a new placce for out toys and Tada! it's girlie too! I've been waiting for this girlie stage to come back for about a year instead of this Tomboy who doesn't like dress up but now we have a happy medium and here's hoping it stays until she's a teenager.


Kim said...

What a creative thing to do for the car--I must tell my daughter about this--her daughters will be toy carry arounder's too!

RugbyMad said...

So practical, I never thought of this! So clever!

Sandy said...

Cute and practical. Everyone who has little ones should make one.

Alittlebitsheepish said...

A great idea. Although I have to say I'm 27 and would happily be seen with the Grouch, I think he is awesome

Anonymous said...

I love this idea, incredibly practical.