Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It's honey, Honey

I love honey! I use it to sweeten things like cakes and tea, I use it in my super secret steak marinade and now I use it for nosebleeds.

"Nosebleeds?" you say, well yes! Exactly. I know it may not seem to make sense but we all (the family collectively) have allergies none so bad as the "Midget" who actually has severe 20 minute long nosebleeds at least twice a week, sometimes more often than that. She's had her nose vein burned surgically 2 times and about 9 months after each the nosebleeds started again.

Last year I heard that honey may help with alergies. Local Honey that is. Honey from within 5-10 miles of your house is best for treating alergies because it has all the pollens from your area. The bees use the pollen and nectars in the making of honey then "Midget"eats the honey in small doses (1 Tablespoon a day) plus anything I use it in the making of and hopefully builds up a small resistance to our resident pollens. So I found a guy last year that is about 4 miles from our house and bought some honey. This whole year has been a test or this honey theory.

Findings: it does help but it will not do everything. Midget still had nosebleeds when she went to her aunts house 45 min away. Extreem heat and the time of day had a lot to do with the one's she had at home I'm sure. She still woke up around Dew fall at night sometimes but those were smaller nosebleeds. All-in-all I will continue to but local honey in bulk every year I can afford to because any little bit that helps to releave this burden from her is awesome to me. I have had to have talks with her because she was embarrased to have them during school or church. Plus she didn't understand how scared it could make her friends Mommy during sleepovers. Now we don't have to worry so much, but I still carry around napkins and cold water bottles just in case.

I guess I'll never stop doing that (no matter how many times she says, ugh mom!).

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FoFo said...

I have heard that too. My neighbor started bee keeping and I'm going to buy some honey from him. As an aside, honey has a natural astringent that helps keep wounds clean and helps them heal. Ancient Egyptians discovered that. There's something to be said to natural remedies!