Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Garden

So far the garden is doing well this year. We have had a few problems with the corn and root veggies not turning out well. The corn gets half tall and starts spitting out tiny (3-5 inch) ears, and thats with the husks and the root veggies put out plenty of greenery but no actual veggie on bottom. I have never had any luck with these but I try again every year adding a little evtra bunny poo or putting them in a spot with slightly different soil (can't go far though only a half acre here) in the end I will probably always have to buy these from the store or farmers market but The Trying won't hurt me either. Just makes me more inventive.

 Beans on fallen limb teepees, Tomatoes, and Short Corn.
The Squash plant is popping them out like crazy and so is the Okra. There must be a least 10 Cantaloups and 15 Watermelons a few early Pumpkins and tons of Cucumbers. Pickles will be made over and over again this year I'm sure.

My strawberry patch hanging around that tree is growing for it's first year and doing well.

If you know what I can do for my corn and root veggies just comment below and I'll try it out next year :).

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FoFo said...

Try some cow or horse manure. Make sure the soil around your root veggies is really loose. Do you mulch your leaves from your trees? That put in the garden will help too. Too much water will make the green grow without putting on the root too. Hope it helps. If you have a farm extension office around call them, they can help too.