Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Almost a WIP Wednesday Post

But not quite the thing because I didn't want to start WIP wednesday until Tami's Amis started her new year (so I wouldn't feel so behind) plus we're going to talk about a little more than knitting/crochet.

I have quite a few things OTN right now Cornfield, the Baby Blanket, and my Mystery 220 Project from my list and I'll soon be starting a few pairs of socks for another KAL.

 My Mystery 220, 1000 members Project. Twice as long as this now but I can't get it all in the pic anymore. Each section between the beads is another clue and there have been 13 so far with another clue coming out tomorrow. So this is only clues 1-7 maybe I will try to get another pic with clue 8-13 for next Wednesdays post.

 My Baby blanket has finally gotten larger than the Pound of Love yarn ball I'm crocheting it from though maybe it's cheating a bit because the ball is Shrinking  ; ).

My Cornfield summer top is coming along but I'm not happy with it at all. I used a size 5 circular needle and I think it was too large a needle for this yarn. I guesses at the needle size because this brand of yarn has virtually no information on the band, now I think I should have gone with a size 3. I think I'm going to switch to 3's after a few more rows and just have a ruffle around the bottom of the shirt. If you don't think that would work please leave me a comment or email with your suggestions. I really do not want to start over as I have already done that 3 times because of mistakes while learning the pattern.

 I've been working (WIP) on eating a little healthier too. My Father is turning 50 this December and that shocked me a bit. I mean I don't feel like my "Daddy" should be 50 at all. I began to worry about his heart and then all our hearts after I had read up on some of the ingredients in our favorite foods and OMG some of that stuff was so bad I couldn't even imagine feeding it to our local Racoons and Rats. I don't even want to think about what it has done to us! The recipes I've tried form this book so far are delicious.

 This is a gravy I made from this book. We love gravy. Plus gravy makes carrots bearable for "Midget" surprisingly though she loves Brussel Sprouts. This gravy was from the Roast recipe and it had bits of beef all in it . Sooo good. I don't know why my picture of the book came out sideways, I guess it's a computer glitch because the pic of the mystery did the same.

This is what kept me from my crafting during the first week of YOP. The color came out a bit darker than we had imagined but I love it anyway. My part of this project was furniture removal (nice title for grunting and heaving until we had an empty half to stain and then doing it all over again reversed) and rearanging the end product. That pic is not the end result BTW just a halfway point, haven't taken any pics lately been too busy doing Back-to School things.

That's it for me today. Next week I have an exciting post mostly from our summer science project.

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thewoolymammoth said...

I love that blanket at the top of your post. It is lovely