Sunday, July 31, 2011

YOP Sunday Again!?

I cannot believe this is Sunday. Where have I been all this week? Oh, well I guess some days are like that, especially when it's so hot that all we think about is finding someplace cooler to be.

Knitting/crocheting in public makes me feel like an alien around here. Everyone keeps giving me sideways glances and outright stares sometimes. A bit daunting really but I "manned up" and kept right on. The kids were the best part of K/CIP, they seemed facinated with the hook flipping and twisting. Sometimes it was so quiet you could hear the slide of the hook through the loops. There's nothing like watching a child's eyes as all that yarn comes right out the middle of the ball. Really sad though when the parents got embarrases by their staring, I mean they weren't touchingand grabbing or being loud or anything. I guess most people down here think it is a solitary craft for people who want to be alone.

I really wanted to finish my Baby Blanket. Crocheting a Blanket of any size is uncomfortable at this time of year so I tried to limit myself to Air Conditioned places with that project. I did learn something about myself though. I just began Corcheting a month or so ago and this blanket was my first real project besides dishclothes. I knew that I am a tight knitter so I was kinda expecting this but my crocket blanket is a full 6" shorter and than the one in the pattern. My measurements were supposed to come out at 34" tall and 37"long but I've only got 25" tall and 30 1/2" wide. That is an insane amount smaller than I wanted but as a beginner I do not know what I can do about making it longer. There is a border around the blanket so if I add rows I may mess up the shell pattern. I have asked the Moderator in my Learning Crochet group on Ravelry but so far no reply. Understandable since I only asked this morning at 3 :). Plus this pattern was supposed to use 18oz of yarn but I still have about 1/3 of my Pound Of Love ball left.

Here's a pic of it so far. I love this stitch, it lays nice and flat for me, which I can't say about some of my knitting.
Thanks for all your comments on this blog. I don't know how to reply to comments, I'm just not that savy but I did want everyone to know that they are appreciated.


thewoolymammoth said...

It's been awhile since I crocheted, but my stuff was always tight too until I got comfortable with. I tended to use crochet hooks 2 sizes larger than any pattern called for and that helped too. i love the yellow you are using.

FoFo said...

There are a number of things to do to fix the length and width problem. Take another color say green, white or blue and crochet a border around it using double crochets and then do the shell border with the yellow. Something I did to a blanket was to to a border on each edge, not crocheting around the blanket it makes a cut out in the corners that looks nice and then you could add the shell border to it. All is not lost! I've been crocheting for 30 years and I still make mistakes and have to frog stuff.
I like the yellow too!

Annie said...

I know it's hot but you can do it!try putting the extra blanket part on a coffee table instead of yourlap

RugbyMad said...

FoFo comments are true add another colour around the edge for the border to make it wider. That's what I do!

The yellow is beautiful.

I tend to make blankets in summer, but try to do ones that are made up from squares so that I can sew them together when it's cooler in the evenings.

Dorothy said...

Congratulations .... your blanket is looking great. I agree with the other comments re adding another colour on the border. Mauve would look pretty. Happy crocheting. xoxox