Friday, July 8, 2011

My Year Of Projects

I'm a bit late with my list of Knit/Crochet projects. This group project was supposed to begin July 1st I know but I only just found this group and decided to join up. I can't wait to begin! I have some projects just for me, some for others, a few KAL's/CAL's and some that are Mysteries :). Here's my list. Only 17 total but I've only been knitting a year and crocheting only a month.

For me:

For others:
  1. Swimming Hole
  2. Lace Gloves
  3. Pretty In Misti Shrug
  4. Running Horse Hat
  5. Car Bag


For a Baby:
  1. Little Bitty Noggin Cap
  2. Pig Bottle Warmer
  3. Best Ever Booties
  4. Baby Mittens
  5. Baby Kimono Wrap
  6. Plus the baby blanket above (though I'm only doing one)


Carole said...

I love your list. I really like the basket and might have to add that one to my queue!

Blueberry Tea said...

Hi I love your list. Like Carole I think the basket is fab. Also love the socks and baby kimono. Good luck with your projects. Looking forward to seeing your progress.x

RugbyMad said...

Your list is longer than mine and I have been knitting and crocheting, well it seems like forever! Can't wait to see all these come to life!