Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Yop Post #17; Late!

Late! But with good reason I promise. I want to show you the start of "Midgets'" Christmas present so I had to wait till a school day :). It was so hard to wait too. This is my first real color work anything and I'm so excited about it! Only 2 colors but Eh, it's color WORK to me. I'm not very fast at any time but this is agonizingly slow going. I have been working on it during school hours and the first 25 rows were plain knitting (such a fan of that--Not!). Finally got to do some color rows and even though they take longer than the knitting rows (like 10min longer) it feels like I'm making so much more progress. Anyway here's a pic. I hope you love it as much as I do because till it's done it will be on this blog every week I think.

And then of course you've got the other present for the other person. Wen I decided to make these and put up that poll I had no idea my simply soft would look so gruesome in those patterns so I went back in and chose another pattern, a bit harder to understand so I might be asking an opinion on the meaning and method when I get to the base of thumb increases. Another Pic? Ok!

Finished another KAL. Pink thing all finished. Personally I hate it. Especially as a wrap/cape thing. Love it as a cute little scarf though.

I finished the Lavender scarf for my niece. It will go in the package with the Hat/Market bag and I think I have just enough yarn left for a pair of cute wristies.

I've also still been working on my Leisel Scarf. Gotten about a foot + longer. May turn it's self into my favorite ever cowl because it's looking like I may run out of yarn. But I Love cowls and I love not having those ends dangling and tangling in everything I have to get done outside. Most hated is the wet tipped scarf! :)

And this folks is my very first ever felted thing. I probably should have felted it farther but the pipe between the hot water spigot and the washing maching was leaking so I called it done. We usually only use cold water cycles so I just decided to be happy with it and move on. I did enjoy the felting process and the yarn (suprisingly) did not leak color everywhere, just on me during the knitting up. Next week--New KAL's YAY!


Marsha said...

NIce color work...........and yest 2 colors qualifies as color work.

You have been very busy. I like everything you did...........even the too small cape. If you don't like the length on it then by all means use it for a scarf.

FoFo said...

You are one busy girl! Everything looks great!

Marie/Underground Crafter said...

Wow, you are incredibly prolific! I love the start of your colorwork - I can't believe it is your first try because it looks lovely!

Dorothy said...

Gosh, you've had a very productive week and your colour work is fantastic !!