Sunday, November 6, 2011

Yop update # 18

Made it past the pony bit (^_^) There was some real doubt there too. I made it all the way to the ponies heads and tried it on. Almost complete disaster! It was too small. The black yarn I chose was too thin. The pattern calls for sport weight and the blue was perfect. The black said worsted weight and was too thin. Weird and soooo disappointing. It was so soft and snuggly and shimmery with little glittery highlights. I had to rip back to before all the color work. I'm telling you I nearly cried! I almost didn't pick it up again but I did and here it is.
To make the brim you have to knit 25 rows and then start the color work and at the top of the ponies you knit the row together with the cast on edge. Which I had already done when I found out it was too tight. *Sigh* 5 days to get that far and only 30 minutes to un ravel back to the picot edge.

The only other thing I had time to work on (if I wanted to stay on schedule) was my Leisel Scarf/cowl and I'm not going to post a pic of that as I only got about 8 more inches on it. I am down to slightly less than half a skein of this yarn left so I'm pretty sure it's gonna morf into a cute cowl just for me (^_^). About time I made something for just me and since I'm totally in love with it as a cowl it's perfect. Unless someone shows up as a suprise to our family Christmas party I'm keeping it.

Oh and a few revisements to my list but I'll detail them next week. I've been really trying not to revise because the whole point of this thing was to pick stuff you love and get it done, ya know, but I've found some things are just not going to happen. Like, well, anything with thread. I just can't seem to work with it without my hand and elbow acting up. Knitting with it is fine but not crochet so I'm gonna replace the thread crochet things with some of my newest favs. Besides I can't love it if I can't enjoy making it. I mean, that's why I decided to make Christmas presents in the first place. Some people enjoy going shopping for that perfect present (so do I sometimes especially for the men) and some people enjoy making the perfect present (lots easier for the girls and women in the family).

Have a lovely day everyone! I know I will because I won a giveaway from Underground Crafter. So excited! Still planning my giveaway. I believe I have decided to include everyone from the yop posters group if I can afford it because it just doesn't seem fair to not when they've been forced to read all my posts too. If you can will you tell me where your at (country) so I can inquire at my local post office how much it will cost.


Marsha said...

Your ponies are great. I have never tried anything using more than one color before so I am impressed.

Have a great week and look forward to your post next week. Hopefully your scarf/cowl will be finished by then and we can see how it ended up.

(I'm in the USA)

goodpurlgonebad said...

Life is too short to make things that you don't love, in my view.

I'm sorry that you had to frog so much :( Pretty ponies.

I'm in the UK.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Very good! Your colourwork tension looks perfect!

Faith said...

Super, super clever, you knotty people who do all that detailed stuff are so clever! The ponies are amazing! Rubbish you had to rip it back, but now you know it is right you can get on and enjoy!

I'm in sunny Wales, UK.

FoFo said...

Your hat is lovely! I always hate having to frog things but it's better that you do. Can't wait to see it finished!

Marie/Underground Crafter said...

Glad to hear you are excited about your giveaway from me (and your giveaway, too!). I should have it in the mail to you tomorrow.