Monday, November 21, 2011


Did I mention they have a ton of Christian Books . Can you san "Candy Store" I love to read. Each of those waiting moments ( car rider line, bank line, practices) can be spent in a book. I especially love to be able to read aloud to my kid. I have read to her since, well lets say years. Before bed, before school(if we have a few minutes), after school etc... except now she gets to read to me after school :). Wonderful moments together all snuggly and quiet. When she was little, 3/4, I would gloss over any parts I didn't like but now she can follow along so she can see all those things/words I changed before. Big Uh-Oh moment the first time that happened let me tell you. I was in "BIG trouble" (her words). I love not having to do that! I think you will too. Check it out. Weather at the site or in a Christian book store near you, doesn't really matter there should be something you and your kid/s can get into and enjoy together.

You can find out more by visiting Life In A Shoe. Which is one of the Blogs I enjoy following or at Generation Cedar which I just found because of this giveaway but am already enjoying quite a bit.

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