Sunday, October 23, 2011

Yop Post #16

So most of my October KALs are over now and here is the first. I think it was supposed to be a hat for an adult but, kind of like a beenie but I don't like hats that don't cover the actual head :) so I gave it to a small girl I know who made good use of it on her "Baby". Cute pattern though almost makes me want to do another one in my size.

This is my Cheveron Cardigan. I made a guage swatch and everything but when I started to try the thing on I knew it was all wrong. It fits "Midget" perfectly. Evidently when I crochet in my rocking chair while watching TV, I tighten my stitches more than I ever thought possible. I decided to end it early so that it will be more "hip" and wearable for a younger person for Christmas.

Here is the scarf to go with that lavender marketbag/hat. If I have enough yarn I will be making some kind of wristies or something. Looks a bit thin but for an 8yr old it's just right.

This is a small bag. Small as in it might hold a skein of cute sock yarn and a little handmade booklet for making socks or a shawlette for a budding knitter friend of mine : )

My purple ribby turned out to be a wig! Very strange considering it's purple and all. I don't really like it but I do have a plan to turn it into something awesome. I'm gonna try adding a flap across the front and changing it into a baclava (?sorry spelling?)  It will still be purple but I don't think the chickens will care when I'm giving them their morning feed.


Dorothy said...

You've been busy. I love the wig and it will make a great balaclava. Had to laugh at what you said about the chickens. :) Your beanie looks lovely on that sweet baby doll.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

The cardi looks very cute on your daughter, so I'm sure she's very pleased! And no, I don't think the chickens will mind what you wear when you feed them!

Alittlebitsheepish said...

Lovely projects, I think we need a photo of you modelling the wig :)

Cris said...

As long as you are wearing a feed bucket/bag on your hand, the chickens don't quite mind anything else *laughs*

Looks like a great set of projects coming off your hooks! nice :)