Saturday, October 8, 2011

Yop Post 14: Uh-Oh!

Okay so I was sick for a couple weeks and didn't touch a atitch of knitting or crochet and I think it did something to me. I must have gone nuts! I have been starting projects right and left. I have got to stop! Here's what I've been lured into so far.

7 inches of ribbing? What was I thinking!
 I mean really. Not even half done with this bit. I dislike ribbing intensely. I thought hey since I have the yarn and needles why don't I join in this KAL and of course it's a Mystery so not only was the ribbing a suprise but I need it done by next week too.*Sigh* Already dug out the yarn so decided to try to keep up and get it done anyway.

Another Mystery Project: also spur-of-the-moment decision
 Maybe a hat or cowl? Really dont know but I love workiing on this one. Each clue has only taken me about half an hour. 9 rounds goes pretty quick when your using bulky yarn and #8's.

Liesel Scarf: KAL 
  Another group project but I couldn't help myself with this one. When the group Mod. said maybe something with leaves for a Fall KAL I went through my Fav's from Ravelry and sent her the links to like 6 projects the most people decided on this one and since I had suggested them all I knew I would love making it. Needs blocking in a bad way. Going to try to Block it so that the line in the middle shows and the edging is more straight.

Colors for my 8yr olds Hat
Blue is her favorite color right now and the black makes the perfect contrast. I will be starting the "Running Horse Hat" from my Yop list soon. Gotta measure her head and make a gauge swatch. This is going to be a suprise so I'll have to work on it during school hours or maybe while she spends the night at someones house.

I think I mentioned Spock in my last post. Well he is Finished! Very small guy so I decided he would be a stocking stuffer for my Father. My frist little stuffed toy! Not perfect (I just know I either lost or gained sts and made probably a bajillion other mistakes) but I love him. He's so tiny and cute! I also plan to make a hat for him with Spock ears. The pattern I plan to use is knitting but I think I will make the hat in crochet and add knitted ears to it. 

Lace Mystery
Another new project that I showed you the start to last week but not really. I did post a pic last week about this lace thing I was making but on row 9 of our 2nd clue I dropped the thing. I could not figure out how to pick up the sts that were lost. I ripped it back and started over! There was just no correcting the holes left when I dropped sts during the 9 Fishnet Lace rows. Oh well.
Last is the poll I put up last week. I gave 4 options and let you choose your fav. Memphis was the most loved and so I started them. They looked AWFUL the Mango yarn was a terrible choice for tha pattern and I could not continue with them when just looking at them made me sad and frustrated. I tried each of the patterns in the poll and they were all disasters. Too shiny, bright, bad stitch name it they were U.G.L.Y. Lucky for me I found a pattern on Rav. which looked good and behaved nicely with my slippery/shiny yarn. I'll get that pattern link for you guys soon. I think you'll love it like I do. Still elegant without being too much.

Told ya I'd started too much. Must have withdraws from my 2 weeks of no crafting. I still have 4 things OTN besides all these. maybe my urge to start things will deminish soon. If it doesn't I'll be swimming in projects with not a free needle in sight. Off to check out all your posts. Have a wonderful week.


Cris said...

Oh dear you did start a lot!!!! glad you are feeling better though ... but you did start a lot *laughs*

FoFo said...

Wow! You go girl! That's a lot of projects going at once. I usually on have two on the go at any time. Any more than that and I get confused. Can't wait to see all of your finished projects!!!

Anonymous said...

oh that lace! So pretty! Well done with the starting over. You've made me feel a lot better about starting a hat this week when I still had ends to sew in on Babette. Lovely little Spock and good luck with your gloves and your KALs!

Faith said...

Gosh, that's a lot of projects! Love the leaf pattern I bet that will be gorgeous when it I blocked. Also love the running horse hat, what a lovely pattern, but it looks super complicated! Look forward to what you start next week ;-)

Minding My Own Stitches said...

I've given up on mystery KALs ... I like to see what I'm getting into, I guess. Spock ROCKS!

Tonya said...

I love leisle too. It's been something I keep coming back to wanting to do. And as Mindingmyownstitches said... Spock Rocks!

Kepanie said...

The Spock is fun! It's so cute how your dad wanted one.
I've tried a mystery KAL to support a fellow blogger and it was fun! You are adventurous to try them.
I hear you. Sometimes you can pick a yarn and a pattern but they may not mesh well together! Glad you found something that will go w/that yarn.
Hardcore to start over that lace pattern again but hey, gotta do it right right? Good for you.

Christine said...

Welcome to the Dark Side! I also have way too many things cast on! But I am hopefull that one day - a bunch of them will be completed and I will have a wide variety of FO's to share! Don't give up... embrace all the good your cast on's have to offer!

Dorothy said...

Just think .. on the positive side, wherever you go in your house you're likely to be able to pick something up to knit. I'm a bit like that too - I see something and want to start it straight away .. work on it for awhile, get bored so put it away and start something else. As for running short on needles or hooks, do like I've been known to do ---- buy more ! :)

Marie/Underground Crafter said...

I LOVE your Spock! He is so awesome. I will have to make something similar for my special guy for the holidays.

Marsha said...

Love, Love, Love all your projects. Glad to see you are feeling better and now you will have plenty to do to keep you happy too.

Sarah (Crafts From The Cwtch) said...

Yikes - so many project :D

Love Spock!

Michelle said...

Wow! You have some pretty colors here. I just crocheted some cute hats and donated to be given to those in need. I even did some frog hats that everyone has oohed and ahhed over. I just love to crochet and this allows me to do something I enjoy and help others in need. I must say that I love that beautiful blue color :-)