Sunday, October 16, 2011

Yop Update #15

Tons of progress this week! Yay Me! Anyway I know your all just absolutely Dying to see the pics right :)

That pink bit of lace from last week.
 Yeah, the Mod from our group slammed us with a big clue. In order to finish before this weeks clue (which is "do it again!") I had to do 2 repeats of the pattern which takes roughly 3 hours for me. I'm just not very fast yet.

Shaping up
Another mystery. Maybe a cowl or hat? Still can't tell but it is beginning to look cute. Maybe I'll keep this one. I do like the earth tones.

I just started this 2 days ago. It will be the Chevron Cardigan. Not in love with this cardi but it's a group thing and Other people (family) seem to like it so at least I can gift it when it's done. That purple thing beneath the pink cardi is the 7 inches of ribbing from last week. Got that part done and already on to clue 3 which is decreasing. I think most of you will laugh when I finally get it done.

With the purple project has come a decision though. I will not be making the Spock hat. I refuse to go through another battle with ribbing it is one of my most hated tasks. Always makes my hands and elbow hurt! All that flipping back and forth.

A cute hat. Hopefully by Christmas will have a cute little scarf to match. This project got Derailed It was actually supposed to be a Market Bag. I was working on it when "Midget" had her dentist appt. and she wanted to try on my "hat" So it became a hat set for her cousin which is perfect because I had decided I did not want to make the bag anymore. Fate, yes?

Liesel Scarf
Still working on this scarf and loving it but it never seems to grow. Probably because I've been working on the pink thing so much  : )

It all adds up to a good week. For me anyway. Gonna go read, read, read. Won't comment much because my Comp wont let me but I'm sure you know I am enjoying all the awesome progress.


Faith said...

I reckon that all adds up to an excellent week! You've been super busy an it all looks so impressive!

Minding My Own Stitches said...

That really is tons of progress. So many lovely lush and vibrant colours!

Marie/Underground Crafter said...

I'm not usually a big orange fan, but I love your Liesel scarf.

Liz said...

I love the Liesel Scarf! The hat is really cute too. :)

FoFo said...

Wow you are busy! They are all beautiful!

Dorothy said...

You've been busy ... everything is looking great. Love the idea of the bag becoming a hat !! Must keep that in mind.

Lily Razz said...

Oh my you've been so wonderfully busy! I'm jealous at your progress! ;-) And you got me all curious about the mystery cowl/hat, I agree with you that the earth tones are really nice!

Kepanie said...

A-ma-zing progress on your part. You go. Everything is coming out terrific!