Sunday, October 2, 2011

Yop post #13: Getting Better

I am feeling much better these days. In fact I have acutally been crafting for about 2 days. Weird thing though because after almost 2 weeks my hands began to hurt in the first half hour so I've had to ease back in. Never happened to me before. Course I've never taken such a long break either :). Thanks to all who sent get well comments. Really brightened my days while I was awake!

Now for a poll. I have this scarf and this hat I think you remember them... The secret ones...well I need to make fingerless Mitts to match and I've chosen a few of my favs to put in a poll. Your answers will be taken into account when I choose the pair to make. Remember everyone that the color is Mango and I'll only be using 1 color.
Fall Mitts: Love these but must learn to Rib in Crochet

Garnet Fingerless Mitts

Wristwarmers: all in one style

Memphis Wrist Warmers: Very elegant but I'm not that great at crocheting in the round. I always gat that silly line curving up whatever I make when I join. Plus I only have 1 color.

Those are the choices. Please weigh in here and let me know what you think.

Now for some other things I've been playing with.

 A little Lacy Pink Mystery for my Mystery 220 group. Once again the pic went side ways. Gonna drive me crazy later but right now I'm getting tired again.
This little thing will be Spock. My dad loves Startrek and there will be a hat to go with it complete with Spock Ears. Chat again next week. Can't wait to go nap and then check out all your yop posts.


Ruth said...

I went for Memphis as I just love the look of them, all are beautiful and was trying to picutre any of them in your gorgeous mango, couldn't so can't wait to see them now lol.
I love your shade of pink and am intrigued by what it is, I'm a huge fan of lace and love to knit it myself :-)

FoFo said...

Ribbing in crochet is very easy to do. It's just crocheting in the back of a stitch. You can do it!

I am glad you are feeling better! I like the look of Memphis and have wanted to make them myself, however, you might want to try one of the easier ones to get started on.

Have a blessed day!

Liz said...

I love the Memphis ones. They're gorgeous and I love the smooth texture of them. Fingerless gloves are great - I'm working on two pairs just now!

Marsha said...

I love the Memphis mitts and my next choice would be Garnet.

Love the lace piece that you are working on. Will be interested to see what it is when you are finished!

Kim said...

Glad to hear you are better--take care of yourself! I love the pattern of the Memphis pattern--very unique looking.

Kepanie said...

The Memphis or Garnet are great choices to choose from.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

I'll vote for the Garnet Fingerless mitts - I like the look of their fit.

A hat with SPOCK ears! Can't wait to see that!

Dorothy said...

I picked the wristwarmers but would like to see a rib band on them. They're all nice though. Have fun making whatever you choose.

Underground Crafter said...

Go for the Fall mitts and email me if you have questions about crochet ribbing :).

Lily Razz said...

Nice to hear you're feeling better and being crafty again! I've fallen in love with the Garnet Fingerless Mitts so I've voted for them, but I was the first ^_^ I'm very curious which project you'll choose so I'll drop by again soon to find out!