Friday, December 17, 2010

So close

Christmas is getting close enough to smell! No, really I smell pine all the time :) . This is the last weekend before Christmas and some family wanted Midget for a few nights so I said OK. (I really said Yay!, but who is telling this story anyway). Last minute prep is never my favorite thing but without Midget it will be a bit easier this year. I usually have everything I plan to give for Christmas at least a few months ahead. I shop at sales and use my discounts and whatever else I find help with the cost so that in the end everyone gets something they want but I don't have to skimp on Christmas Dinner either. This will be my last chance to get everything wrapped and under the tree because Midget doesn't have much school till after the holidays. Here's to the rush and the relief when it's all done! Plus if i'm quick I can have some time to knit and read before my time is up.

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