Thursday, December 9, 2010

Earlier Woes

This year has felt so short now that I think about it.I mean I can't believe 2010 is almost gone. So many things happened that i never even posted about. There was a fire, a car accident and lots of things both bad and good. I'll start with the fire. My Grandpa had a place he was renting out, usually to family, and the guy (not family) who was renting it was a drinker. Well he was hungry at 4 am and decided to have some Fried Green Tomatoes! He fell asleep at the table while cooking and when he woke up there was a fire at the stove. The guy couldn't get it to go out with the extinguisher so he grabbed the pan (with a mitt, I'm sure) and tossed into the dish water in the sink. He said that it sort of exploded a little and woosh! 2 hours later no more house. I am glad that the man got out. Really I am! This all happened in late Summer. Now ever since the Family has been trying to figure out what Grandpa and Grandma are going to do. The rent from the place was giving them a kind of income and they had just put in a new furnace so they are out that expence too. With the new building codes there isn't an easy way to get a new place put in and if they did there are a few utilities that they would have to pay to get repaired. It's a beautiful piece of an acre and if I had the resorces I would have just bought the land but I don't know anyone with money right now and it dosen't seem to be going to get better anytime soon. So my main concern here is, What Are They Going To Do? Hope is strong though and so is the willingness to try and thet is going to have to get everybody through for a little while longer.

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