Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Birthday Boy?

Or is it man? He is 49 after all. Yesterday was my fathers birthday. The only thing bad about a christmas b-day is deciding what to give him twice this month. He is difficult to buy for. He has all kinds of tools and coffee mugs and cigars and thats all he really likes right now. I think we figured him out for this year though. We went and bought him DVDs. He loves certain movies and has a few from each series he likes. We (mom, Midget and I) decided to help him by getting whatever he was missing. Example: he had Aliens 1-3 but not #4 so that's what we bought for him. I made a cake and we had tons of family come over for his party (mostly to fill out our happy birthday singing group). I taught a little about knitting and chatted a lot. Dad said he had a wonderful time so we were all happy. I don't know what we will do next year but it's a whole year away so I've plenty of time to think.

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