Sunday, January 22, 2012

YoP post # 26

Plenty of progress this week. I made a hat, which was supposed to be for my father, but was too small. Evedently I tighten up a bit when I get to the stranding part of colorwork. So now my mother has a hat and my father will soon have a hat to match. I can just see them now...Walking through the Flea market looking corny and all lovey dovey. It's called the Circle of Friends hat, only I had to take out some of the patterning because my father thought it looked too girly :) He found this little (statuette?) at a shop somewhere near New Mexico or lower California and then bought another (bigger!) for his mother so I knew when I saw this pattern on Rav. it would be perfect for him.

After I finished that hat in like 3 days (a new record for me) I decided I needed some crochet. Nothing like constant repetative movement to get the fingers aching. So I made "Midget" some new fingerless gloves. And yes folks she is wearing some shorts :)
Speaking of "Midget", She thinks she's too old and too big for that knick name now. Sad moment for sure with all these growing pains. Now I call her "Minnie". It's a mix between Midget and ninny which used to be our name for each other when we knew we had done something silly like try to put the pickle jar lid on a soda bottle etc...

Plus I worked a few rows on my Grandma's wrap. Not enough to take another pic because it never looks different (always a half circle). A row now takes me 20-30 min. and I'm near the end of the pattern but I know I will have to keep going on my own because Both my Grans are less than svelt. O' well we shall see how that goes. At least I'll be more sure on the second one.

Have a lovely week. Thats an order :)


Sandy said...

Very cool that the statues and the hat represent the same thing...friends. Very very cool indeed. It turned out great, your hat. Congrats.

Faith said...

I've got one of those circle of people statues, they're lovely with a candle in the middle.

We use the word ninny too, in fact I think it went up a level when someone was a ninny from Ninion park, not sure why....but the cherry on the top, when we've been on our hols we've drive thru a place called Nimlet a few times which is just the best word ever!

Love the gloves and the hat!

FoFo said...

Looks like you are moving right along! The hat is cute and Minnie looks like she enjoys her mitts. Great items!

Minding My Own Stitches said...

I'm having a lovely start to my week - DH just made and served dinner, as well as pouring me a nice little R&C - so I'm obviously taking your order seriously!

I love the hat. DH is also very skeptical of anything "girly" - solids only, any colour as long as it's black, grey or navy LOL!

Kepanie said...

What great progress you've made this week! So neat how the hat pattern and the statue your dad bought correspond w/one another.
Cute crocheted mitts. Good luck on the wrap.

Ruth said...

Love the hat and fingerless gloves, what great progress your making. Cute name you have for each other