Sunday, January 15, 2012

YoP Update # 25

I have only really worked on one project this week. One of my I Love This Wrap projects for 2 presents for Mother's Day this year. I just realized though, that by Mother's Day it will be hot out. Maybe I should save them for Christmas presents? Eh. I just know that I think both my Grandmothers will look good in these. One of my Grandmas is tall and stately and the other is shorter and more homely (in a good way).
Tall and Stately
This is my Grandmother on my Dad's side. She was raised to be a true Lady. Bold colors, church clothes always, driving gloves, and never leaves the house without her make-up and heels, even though she had hip surgery and probably shouldn't be wearing those. Taller than my Dad! Though once again the heels probably help there (^_^).

My other Grandma is only 5'3" (my height) and she is only a few year younger so it's really weird how different they are. More casual clothes and shoes etc...

One thing they both have in common is Church. They both attend not only Sunday Morning Church but every chance they get. Which is something I can be really glad of because even "Midget" can see how much they Believe and asks me to tell her more about Him.

This Wrap is for my shorter Granny. She likes calmer colors. I'm thinking of making the other one Cream with a dark brown edging. I can't make it a bold color because she wears so many different colors.

Here's another pic sort of draped almost like it should be. One question though, a bit of starch (just a little)? during the blocking? I've never made anything that needed a bit of stiffening. Any advice there would be welcome.

I keep trying to picture it with shoulders in it but I think it's going well so far.
I'm off to read, read, read. I always try to check your posts Sunday night to give everyone a chance to post but today I'm the late one, oh well. We had an unexpected visitor today. My brother brought his Semi down for "Midget" to see and play with.


Kepanie said...

Wonderful job on the wrap. How sweet you made it for your Grams.

Dorothy said...

Lovely gifts you're making for your grandmas. I'm sure they'll love them.

Sandy said...

Nice stories about your Grams. I never knew one of mine, she died when My Mother was young. Spring can still be cool, plus if they go places with a.c. a wrap can be nice about the shoulders. Mother's Day is a fine time to receive a shawl. Plus the other could make the one for your 2nd Gram with lighter weight yarn which she might get more use out thinking about the weather?

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Lovely first wrap. I'm not a fan of starch myself; I'd just let it drape. As for your second wrap, if your Gram wears bold colours than maybe a strong neutral like ivory, black or chocolate brown?

Kim said...

Lovely little wrap--I am thinking I should make my little 93 year old Grandma a cozy little wrap/shawl for Christmas. She is so hard to shop for as she is so practical and thrifty and at her age says she doesn't need anything!