Sunday, January 29, 2012

YoP update #27

Only a couple of things for show and tell today. I finally made the other Fingerless Mitt for my mother. She was thrilled. I don't know why it took me so long except I think I was a bit scared of messing it up. I changed the pattern the when I made the first one and of course I didn't write it down. I just sat down and began and it sort of came back to me. The second glovelet looks a different color in the pic but I swear it's just the lighting. Weird how different it can be less than 18" apart.

I also worked on my Fathers hat. Here's a pic. Not going as fast as the other but I have a good reason. I had to add a few "people" to the pattern and a about 10 extra plain knitting rows (my bane!).
Plus I'm having a strange pain in my right arm. It's like I can feel it moving down from my forearm into my hand bones and  pointer/middle fingers. I've decided to slow down for a couple weeks and see if it gets any better. I'm having trouble writing, crafting and even typing is sending little twinges. I won't be giving up crafting though! Even if I should, I would be much too bored.


Kepanie said...

Sorry your arm's bothering you. Hot and cold presses and stretch out your arms and hands a few times a day.
Maybe invest in those crafter gloves that's like a nylon material that keeps the muscles warm and all?
The hat looks very nice so far with those two shades of brown. Such bright, great mitts for your mum!

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Cute gloves. I don't dare indulge in second sock syndrome for similar reasons; I'd never remember the mods I made on the first unless I do the second promptly!

Wrists are very complicated. Make sure your posture is good and then avoid activities that make inflamed parts worse. From the sounds of it, you're already in quite a bit of discomfort - slowing down and letting your body recover sounds very wise! Feel beyter!

Ruth said...

Sorry to hear your arm is sore and hopefully with a little rest it will improve. I find if I knit for long stretches my arm and elbow down to my wrist ache and rest is the only cure I found so I hope it also works for you. I do love your gloves they are lovely and great progress on your hat.

Kim said...

Be sure to take care of your arm to prevent permanent damage, as that would be tragic! Lovely warmers for your mom-very pretty pattern and color.

Keri said...

I hope your arm feels better and it's nothing too serious. Take care.

GirlAnachronismE said...

Those gloves are lovely, the pattern is so pretty. And I hope your arm feels better!