Sunday, January 8, 2012

Belated YoP post # 24

Hi everyone. I'm back in the posting frame of mind :). Total insanity reigned all through the Holidays this year. My Father turned 50! Just a few days before Christmas we threw him a party. We took turns shooting bows, guns and  playing darts ect. We had cake ( I made a Semi-cake) and Ice cream. The whole 9...

Plus I had to take him out to the local Flea Market that morning because.. Tada... It was all a suprise! We had great fun :)

Imediatly after the party it was time to head out for "Midget's" Christmas play. They wern't allowed to perform that at the school because of the whole "God" issue but her teacher arranged for the kids to come to her church and it was great fun. Except for the part where we had to get there 4 hours early and sit through the rehersal and everything. Not that I complained out loud very much (though maybe a few times (^_^). The bleachers are not a good place to wait something like that out, especially for my Mother who has hip and back problems.

My mother had a bad-ish fall just before all our festivities this year. Looking at it now I don't know how she didn't break anything. I hate to say it but these falls happen more and more often these days.

After all that, just 2 days later, it was time to get ready for my own Christmas Dinner on Christmas Eve. It went well for a dinner scheduled after a Christmas Breakfast (at Grandmas) and a Christmas Lunch (at the other Grandmas). Actually I'm surprised anyone ate at all! I know I have been eating the left overs for weeks.
This is Ginger. Santa brought her. Isn't she just perfect? So sweet though she does knaw a bit and Guinnea Pigs aren't supposed to bite. She's very jumpy though and when she gets excited she leaps around like a 3 yr old on a sugar high.

Someone was talking about the traditions they have during the holidays and it made me think about a few things we do that I didn't even consider traditions. Namely, Christmas bingo. Each year we sit down to breakfast and then clear the table and get down to the fun bit. Whoever wins bingo gets to go pick any present from under the tree and either open it or give it to the person who's name is on it. this not only teaches "Midget" to give instead of only pick her presents but it also makes a 2 minute wrapping paper frenzy into a 2 hour family party/game.

As for crafting... I didn't.

I only did a contest project and my latchhook project. Well that and crocheting the white edging around those African Flower motifs.

Here's my Christmas Angel. Who won! Yay! prize was 3 skeins of nice yarn. She made a beautiful centerpiece for my Dinner.

Here's a pic of my Latch hook project. In my last pic of this (at the beginning of this holiday season) I had only gotten up past the E. Maybe this thing wont take me 10 years after all :) I don't have a pic of the motifs because I just didn't take one yet, maybe next week.


FoFo said...

It sounds like you had a lovely Christmas season. I like your bingo idea! That sounds like so much fun!! I know what you mean about your mom, my dad's health isn't good and he seems to be getting more forgetful. I hate that he's not close so I can spend more time with him.

Marie/Underground Crafter said...

I'm glad your mom's ok. The guinea pig is very cute.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Ouch - your Mom's leg looks sore! Thank goodness nothing was broken. The Christmas Angel looks amazing - like it's glowing from inside!

Sara said...

OH! The crochet angel is gorgeous. Is there a pattern link for it?

As for the GP...adorable!!!

Sounds like your Christmas season was full and busy.

As for the wood plaque, I actually just requested Jon work on a barn scene. He has done barn scenes in other ways with his woodworking, so it should be quickly forthcoming. I'll post about it when he gets it done. If you'd like to send me an email rottnluck at gmail dot com, I can answer any other questions or requests. Thanks!