Saturday, December 10, 2011

YoP Post #23

I have been making African Flower Motifs. I haven't done the white borders yet because I didn't know how they would be joined but I think I found a good tutorial to help me figure that part out :)

I finally found a pattern that I like for the Fingerless gloves for my Mom. Took me forever of searching but these will match the scarf I gave her for her Birthday and the shells hat too.

I want to post pics of something I tested for Marie at Underground Crafter. I'll wait though :) It's an awfully cute piggy. Which brings me to the Guinnea pig again. "Migdet" asked the Santa at the photo shop for one and he said "I'll see what I can do"! I was already going to try my hardest to get one but now I'll really have to bring my A-game. Oh well, I love Guinnea Pigs anyway. The're so sweet and cuddly and, most importantly, adverse to biting.

As to the changes in my YoP List, I want to be rid of the:
  • Flowery Stitch markers (thread)
  • Misty Shrug (nobody I know likes this)
  • Crochet Socks (I like knitting my socks)
  • Lace Gloves (thread)
  • Swimming Hole (curls too much and I can't find a color for this I truely like)
And I'm exchanging these for :
I'm probably forgetting something but there always next week right?


Marie/Underground Crafter said...

Love the African flower motifs. I think changing up the list every so often is a good idea.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

There is always next week. My lists and my queues are constantly changing - almost every blog post sends me off inspired in another direction! Love the African flower motifs!

Ruth said...

Love the African Flower motifs. I think if your list isn't working for you, change it , I've added and taken away...looking forward to seeing the new list come together.